Friday, March 21, 2014

Fridays Facts

It's been a busy week, filled with too much shopping on my part. I know I wondered if there was such a thing, but when you are recovering from a c-section I've learned that there is. Just because this Mama feels great, doesn't mean my body is ready for mall shopping or outting after outting!! Lesson hopefully learned! So today we are taking it easy, with just a trip to my sisters tonight. Hopefully he refrains from using this finger in public or around children...

Now that the weather is getting nicer I have been itching to get outside, and that we did! We went for a few walks outside! I can actually see grass in a few spots in my yard! I'm ignoring the mounds of it though from the drive way! 

Let's talk shopping! I've learned that shopping for myself isn't nearly as fun as shopping for a little person right now! Damn post-partum body. I'm lost as far as nursing style goes right now and I only have a few options that I'm comfortable leaving the house in right now! Hopefully I will figure out a few more options. But the little Mr. made out like a bandit with a $2.99 sale! I bought all bigger sizes, since he seems to have more than enough 0-3 month clothing that I am just starting to introduce, despite the fact that they swim on him! But we were running out of newborn sleeper options, luckily newborn 3 pieces fit best! 

I also bought a few baskets at Winners, one for toilet paper storage in the new bathroom and the other one will most likely be for books for Noah. Up next Target... I bought some nursing tanks on clearance, a few 3-piece outfits for Noah, some leggings (that I love) and groceries - which were not cheaper, so we bought necessities. 

I've been avoiding going up into the nursery to sort out clothes for Noah! I procrastinated when I didn't know what sex we were having and now that we know, I still dread sorting out sizes. Maybe this weekend!! Hopefully we will get some pictures hung on the gallery wall so I can post pictures of the nursery already!! I did leave a sneak peek on Instagram: 

We had an exciting mail week too! Noah's birth announcements came in the mail this week! Love them!! Now I need to get them sent out before the postage goes up! Hopefully I will get on that soon!! I have a feeling digital mail will be in our future with these price hikes for stamps. 

We also received a great product review in the mail!! More on that to come next week, along with a give away for not 1, but 3 lucky winners!! Stay tuned!! 

In the mean time I'm going to hang out with Mr. Attitude! (Don't worry he's not actually grumpy).

Have a great weekend friends! I think we will!! 


J and A said...

Seriously - post the nursery already!!! ;) He is so funny with his finger!
Yeah shopping after baby is NOT fun. I just bought a dress that I feel comfortable in in my regular size but SO not nursing friendly! ha Oh well. Take it easy today and enjoy that cutie!!

Rachel and John said...

I agree with Alison! POST THE NURSERY!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

It is tough not to over do it after a c section, but relax as you can and recovery will come!
Nursing style is tricky, I stick to stretchy tops that do not loose their shape or loose tops.
I love the sneak peek of the nursery!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Nursing DEFINITELY plays a part in what you wear. I was thinking of wearing one of my pre-pregnancy dresses the other day and realized I can't because it doesn't provide easy access for nursing/pumping. Oh well... small short term problem.

I would advice buying as little as possible for a while for yourself. Even though I was losing my pregnancy weight pretty quickly, it was still kind of depressing. Things just are quite the same for a while. And it is WAY more fun buying little man clothes! :)

LOVE the sneak peek at the nursery. I still haven't posted pictures of Henry's nursery and he's almost 10 months old. My bad!

Aubrey said...

Gahhhh! Noah is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute! The photo of the finger is priceless. Hopefully that won't become a habit lol.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love the picture of Noah flippin the bird!!

I agree- shopping for baby and the house is way more fun! I found some leggings at target too- wonder if they are the same! I bought a new cardigan bc I can wear that whenever and some more of the Liz Lange mat tanks that I like since they don't look maternity and they fit quite long. Finding nursing friendly formal wear for weddings was even more frustrating!!

Please post the nursery!!

Catherine said...

OMG the paci clip looks HUGE on him! LOL. He is absolutely adorable. What a blessing you have! Catherine (aka: Quinn & Lane)


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