Friday, June 6, 2014

5 On Friday

So today I was going to share another product review with you, however I didn't end up getting it done - next week!!

But what I do have for you today is 5 on Friday to break down this weeks events:

1} I broke out the old fitbit and started food racking again! I need to hold myself accountable in order to lose these last 10 pounds to bring me to pre-pregnancy weight, then I will set my actual weight loss goal, which will only be 5 or 10 more - we will see. I will blog more about this next week as well.

2} I had the dishwasher repairman come out - we are now dishwasher shopping! It was going to cost too much to fix it for a 5 year old machine, he reccomended we buy new. Any recommendations??? 

3} the structural engineer came out - this was a pointless visit, as he just guessed what might be going on and will be setting up an appointment within a week (I hope) to cut open a hole in my roof to actually assess the situation. 

4} we got in a visit with Noah's Aunt Carrie (my MOH from the wedding), as well as her sister. It was great catching up and we actually are heading in to see her one more time this morning before she heads back up north!! 

5} girls night went down last night! but in all honesty I won't be rushing back to Crabby Joe's anytime soon! The service was crap, music too loud and they served me stale bread. But the company was fun as usual!! 

I also need to figure out how to upload a video because I have the sweetest bedtime story EVER from Noah! Here is the picture at least: 


Hilary said...

We bought a Frigidaire Gallery series dishwasher a few years ago. We had 4 service calls on it in a year. It was a mess. Oh, and after the fact we saw online that many people had problems with the unit's control panel catching on fire when it wasn't in use. Stay away from it!

Jennifer Golding said...

I am in the appliance industry and would highly recommend a Bosch. You don't have to get the high end model, but any Bosch is worth every penny!

J and A said...

That sucks about the dishwasher!! They really should last longer. Glad you had a good girls night despite the crappy service etc. Have a great weekend!


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