Monday, June 16, 2014

{weekend rewind - lake style}

We had a great weekend, not quite as productive as I would have liked, but we did our best!!

Friday we had the structural engineer back out, they cut a hole in the roof and well... It doesn't sound good!! But instead of stressing about it, we will wait and see what insurance says - although if you know me, I'm stressing about it!! 

Friday night - baseball... Noah wasn't a fan of the cold weather or the fact that they lost!! 

Saturday morning M worked, but Noah and I got some house work done. And some playtime: 

When M got home, he attempted to install the new dishwasher to learn half way through that we needed a part to install it. I had lasagna going, sowe had to finish cooking it first and put it I. The oven before we left, so M cut the lawn instead while he waited! 

Once we could put the lasagna in the oven, we ran into town for the part, came home and the lasagna was ready, we enjoyed a nice dinner and then M hooked up the dishwasher! 

Once Noah was in bed, he went outside and got the pool pump hooked on so we could finish filling the pool! I'm hoping to have it up and running this week!! 

Sunday was M's first Fathers Day! We all enjoyed a sleep in, even though I had to force Mike to sleep in. We put the new dishwasher on - love it!! Quiet and cleaned really well!! Then we packed up and headed to the lake!! Noah's first trip to the lake!! 

We got M a hot stone massage for Fathers Day!! 

And now I will let the lake pictures take over: 

We stopped for dinner at KFC on our way home!

Today Noah is 4 months!! 4 months??? Can you believe it?? I can't!! Daddy came with us today to get his shots and this Mama did much better!! Actually Noah did better this time too because they did two shots at the same time - less traumatic!! 

Happy Monday friends! 


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sounds like a great weekend, minus the roof problems!

Where do you get Noah's bibs from? I need to order some.

Yay for a new dishwasher!

What lake do you go to?

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

He is just adorable!! And how cool to have a lake weekend! I am dying for one, and I just don't know if it will happen this year. Great photos!

Murdock's mama said...

I can't believe Noah is 4 months already---where did the time go?!

Yay for lake days! :)

J and A said...

Love that our babes love the lake! Such an awesome weekend. Kinda sad the pups aren't coming on this trip. How will I tell Cruz?!!


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