Friday, June 27, 2014

Life Changed. Forever

Crazy to think a year ago today, I decided I better take a pregnancy test just in case I might be pregnant before going to a dance here in the village where I would consume a few too many beverages.

Little did I know that that moment in my life would change me forever. 

I tested in the middle of the afternoon with a cheap internet test and sure enough, it was positive. But I didn't believe it, because the month before we had a false positive/very early miscarriage - the doctor wasn't sure, but either way it resulted in negative results. 

I remember calling my sister and non-chalantly asking her, who encouraged me to test again and texting Alison, who also told me test again but with a digital. I told M and he was right alongside me with not beleiving it! I decided I would forgo drinking that night and test again in the morning. 

Saturday morning came EARLY! Like 5 AM early. I lined up my tests on the bathtub, cheapest to most expensive. One by one they were positive, I couldn't believe my eyes. They filled with tears instantly. I was shaking with excitement, could this really be?? I ran into the bedroom and attempted to wake up my hung over husband, still shaking, tears streaming down my face, waving a pee stick in his face (the cap was on). There was no guessing - it actually said pregnant, no determining if there was a line, just blunt and obvious, I had the littlest bit of life growing inside of me after 4+ long years. 

M was happy, but managed to go right back to sleep. I texted my sister and Alison, whom of course were not awake to share in my news!! I couldn't go back to sleep, my adrenaline was on high! Our dreams were finally coming true. I came out to the great room and told the dogs and cats that we are having the baby. I danced in the living room with the dogs. I was on cloud 9!! 

When M finally got up, he was ecstatic too, I cried again, we laughed, we dreamed even bigger than we ever had, still cautiously though. My Dad had popped over and I couldn't help but to spill the beans to him too. My sister called and was over the moon - it was just perfect! My Mom was at a family cottage, and I wasn't going to be able to see her until her birthday, so we decided to surprise her.

We also ended up seeing K & S, so we told them too secretly, although S knows me good enough to pick up on something being "off" with me. 

The weekend was spent secretly celebrating between M and I, me pretending to be drinking, but it was perfect. 

Our lives forever changed for the very best. This weekend will always be soo special to M and I and hopefully Noah too!! We are so incredibly blessed to have him part of our lives and I look forward to spending this weekend with him in my arms this year to join in the festivities!!

Happy Canada Day Weekend friends!! Let the festivities begin!!!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Crazy how much has happened in a year! I remember reading your Long weekend recap and you being very excited!!
What a great memory for this long weekend now.

Aubrey said...

Wow! So crazy it has been a YEAR!!! XO

J and A said...

LOVED day so much. It was just so exciting even for me after all this time. So amazing. And now these two sweeties get to hangout with each other in just days!! What an amazing year!!

Murdock's mama said...

What a beautiful day! Such a wonderful day to remember! :)

Whitney B. said...

Isn't it fun to look back on your past and see how everything just works out?! I reread a post I wrote during our infertility days and wow... it's just amazing to remember those tiny miracles. I love the picture of your puppies!!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Awwwww!!! Love this story. Such a happy day!!!

I LOVE the pic of your docs with the signs! So cute! :)


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