Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Broadway Nails imPress Manicure

Today I am here to share a new product with you!

As part of an Influenster member, I received a voxbox containing 2 imPress manicure bottles!! 

I have received a bottle previously and love how quick they go on! I can't say I love the colors I received, but hey, I didn't buy them!! The colors are called: 

- working girl 
- totally busted

We all know I like a good nail color name!! 

I tried the orange pair first! It is like construction site orange - that's what I would have called it, and a little too bright for me! 

The nails went on super fast in less than 6 minutes, which is great when you don't have much time to even think to do your nails!! No dry time, just press them on and you are done!! I love how convienent that part is! 

I also love that they retail for less than $10 and should last about a week! I can't say mine did, because I took them off before that. But I only took them off because they were a bit too long for me right now, going from having no nails to having nails again. Which would lead to my next issue with them is that as a pet owner and because I had no nails of my own, some of the sticky application was visible underneath and I found pet hair would stick to it and most likely my own if I was to run my fingers through my hair. I don't think this would be a common problem for most, but because of my short natural nails it was for me. 

The other issue I had was finding a size to fit my thumb. I have a wide nail bed on my thumbs, the biggest size I made work, and as long as no one was examining my nails closely, you would never be able to tell! 

Would I buy these? Yes, just for the convienence of having nice nails if I needed them in a hurry. They have quite the colors and designs available as well, which of course is a bonus!! 

Taking them off was super easy as well and painless. They didn't leave behind a film or glue after the short time I had them on. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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