Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Noah - 4 Months

10 lbs 11 oz - 12 weeks
11 lbs 2 oz - 13 weeks
11 lbs 11 oz -14 weeks
12 lbs - 15 weeks 
11 lbs 15 oz - 16 weeks
12 lbs 2 oz - 4 months

His head is measuring at 43 cm at 4 months! 

25 inches

Sleeping: I hate to say this out loud, just in case it jinxes us, but he is still a GREAT sleeper!! Although I hear that changes at 4 months, so fingers crossed!! Lately getting him to sleep has been a struggle, especially this past week, but when he sleeps, he sleeps all night! He may wake up a few times, but we just give him his pacifier and all is well! Right to sleep he goes! We were putting him to bed for 9/9:30 and he sleeps till 5/6. But we are now trying to put him down for 8:30 in hopes of missing the scream-fest before bed, where the only thing to calm him down is to put on some of the songs I used to sing while pregnant, turn the volume up on the iPad and sing loudly until he stops crying, then keep on singing until he's sleeping. We still do bath, then feed before bed, it really relaxes him. 

He is now sleeping in the pack and play and is doing great in it! His bassinet was fine, but he was really starting to squirm around in his sleep. Heck now we find him completely turned around in the pack and play because he has soo much more room! We plan to use the pack and play for the remainder of the month, so when we travel he will be used to sleeping in one and then hopefully transition him to his nursery when we get home assuming he is still sleeping well. 

Naps in the day are very short, most of them being 25-30 minutes and only about 3 of them, with the odd one hour stretch. But he sleeps at night, so that is the important part! Naps are in his pack and play and I am able to just put him down, turn on his turtle and walk away - he puts himself to sleep now! Mr. Independant, he's only done that a few times at bedtime.

Feeding: He is feeding every 2 hours in the day still, but gives me a some 3-4 stretches, but it's usually when we are out and about. He still takes a bottle well. We are back to using gripe water often at bedtime, I'm not sure why he gets soo gassy at bedtime.

Clothing: We are wearing 0-3 month sleepers still, adding in some 3 month ones. Noah has one 3-6 month romper that he wears, otherwise his clothing is all 0-3 and 3 months. I have a few things up in his room that we will try that are 3-6 Children's Place - rumor has it they fit small!

Diaper Changes: Still size 1, but this will be our last box and we will be moving up to size 2!!

Looks: Blue eyes, and brown hair. His eye lashes have grown significantly and his eye shade is lightening up more and more. 

Last month I mentioned Noah having a flat spot - it is much better this month, although still slightly noticeable. But now that he is sitting more and moving around more I'm not as concerned.

What The Doctor Had To Say: Well we didn't end up seeing our family doctor this month, but rather an on-call covering for her, which was actually good and worked in our favor when it came to discussing his weight and getting his shots! This doctor could see both sides to Noah's slow weight gain, but agreed that there is a 3rd percentile for a reason - someone has gotta be in it. Noah is healthy, meeting his milestones and going above and this doctor was not concerned at all, but did want us to stay on top of it with having him weighed weekly. 

When it came time for the shots, this doctor recommended doing both needles at the same time, which worked out well! It wasn't nearly as bad as last time, although M did come with us and could understand why I wanted him there. He didn't cry real tears like I thought he would, but he did scream! Poor guy! 

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: Car rides, his hands, his fleece blanket, shopping, sophie, snuggles, baths, his play mat, walks in the stroller, the bouncer, Lux, Grace and Lily. He loves looking at pictures, the ceiling fan and his mama-roo. He has just now started to look at himself and laugh when put in front of a mirror. He loves it when I sing to him, although only certain songs have a calming effect on him, especially the ones we listened to together when he was in my tummy!

Dislikes: diaper changes, gas pains, outfit changes, hats falling on his eyes.

Fur Baby Update: The pets are still getting along with Noah great. Not really much to update here.

Personality: Noah is such a ham. He has the sweetest personality, but he is also always making me laugh with his goofy smiles and giggles. He loves singing, making new noises, loves his hands waaay to much... He is a cheeky little guy, knowing just when to scrunch up his shoulders with a smile, or squint his eyes with the biggest smile. 

Noah rolled over for the first time just last week from his back to his tummy! He has been able to go tummy to back for a while, although he doesn't do it often! 

Mommy & Daddy Update: We are doing great! We are luckily getting lots of sleep (knock on wood), although by the end of the day I'm beat. Heck I don't even hear Noah fussing in the morning - when my head hits the pillow, I'm out! Thank goodness Daddy does! 

We are slowly getting better with time management, but there is still a bit of struggle there. I'm beginning to get more things done in the day with him if he will tolerate it, but some days he just won't. 


Murdock's mama said...

What a little peanut! He's just perfect, Ashley! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh I can't wait to meet him! I'm surprised that 0-3m fits him length wise! Although Leo is swimming in most 3-6m except onesies seem to be ok bc he has a long torso.

Glad the on call doctor was more understanding.

Hope the awesome sleep continues. I think some babies are just born being better at it.

J and A said...

Love this!! Cannot wait to snuggle him!! He is doing so awesome. So glad he is a good sleeper and he naps like Miss D! ha ha :)

J and A said...

Love this!! Cannot wait to snuggle him!! He is doing so awesome. So glad he is a good sleeper and he naps like Miss D! ha ha :)


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