Monday, June 9, 2014

{Weekend Rewind}

Can someone please tell me how it is June already?? Our weekend zoomed on by again, although this weekend we didn't get nearly as much accomplished!! But here is what did go down:

Friday night was baseball! M wasn't going to play because he hurt his foot at work, but they were short players last minute, so he ended up playing anyways - either way with him running the team, we were going regardless. But it was worth our while because the team finally won!!! It was a good game and of course Noah was awake for the whole thing!! Little bum! M had to work on Saturday, so we didn't go out after the game, which was fine with me, because I could use some extra sleep! 

Saturday M worked, so while he was at work, I did dishes (I know, don't all act too surprised, with the dishwasher broken, I've been doing this often as of late), did some laundry, and tried to get Noah to nap, of course as soon as M got home he settled down enough for a nap. 

M did some back hoe work for a few people in the village, and then we ended up going for dinner with friends last minute here in the village! We hadn't done dinner with E & L in a long time, since before both of us had children haha. We came home, settled into our bedtime routine for the little man and I followed a long shortly after. I'm pretty sure M fell asleep on the couch and wondered up around 11:30. 

Sunday I slept in again - love my Sunday morning sleep ins! Of course I get up at 6 to feed Noah, but we both go right back to sleep. When I got up at 9, we had breakfast, I fed Noah again before layering up to go outside. I cut the lawn, Noah slept in his stroller and M planted some ornamental grass. We got it all done just before it rained. The mosquitos were thick, so I was feeling super hot in my layers, as it was humid and muggy, but I didn't dare take off my sweatshirt in fear of being bit! Noah's bug net is definitely well used this year!! 

We came in, had a little lunch, Noah played in his bumbo!! He loves it! 

We had a birthday party in the afternoon, but ended up going late because M got a medical call. After the party, Grandma and Grandpa took Noah back to the farm while M and I did groceries and picked up dinner. We enjoyed a nice dinner at the farm and then came home to move the bassinet out of the bedroom and the pack and play in. Noah has been wiggling around in his bassinet too much that he just needs more room, so we will transition to the pack and play, to get him acquainted with the bigger space and then hopeful up to his room next! Although we aren't in a big rush, but soon enough! 

Byebye bassinet!! 

So today I have some more organizing to do in his room, as we will begin using it daily to dress him. 


Hilary said...

Aww, so cute in his bumbo! I really need to get Beckett one. I might see if I can get one at a local consignment shop (although, they might not be that expensive new - I have no idea!).

J and A said...

Love him in his bumbo! :) So cute. I can't believe he has grown out of his basinett! Crazy!! Will you move him to his room soon or no plans for that yet?


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