Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was super super busy, but filled with family and friends, so it was perfect! Heck even the weather was perfect!!

Friday night was ball, which was actually here in the village this week. They tied!! Not a loss!! Way to go team!! M had to work Saturday, so we went right home after ball.

Saturday morning I tidied up the house, bathed Noah for the first time:

Then I got us ready for my cousins wedding. Unfortunately M wasn't able to make it to the wedding because of work. The wedding was nice - short for a Catholic wedding. We had some family photos before my family came back to my place in between the ceremony and reception.

M was home shortly after we all arrived, we sat around, had a few drinks, ate some snacks and had some fun!

We headed in to reception and partied the night away. M's parents came and picked Noah up from the wedding around 8:30 PM, so M and I could stay later. So we grabbed a quick family photo - Noah's first wedding:

That sangria fountain behind me was delicious! I am still not sure how I didn't end up sick since I started with drinking beer and then switched to liquor... 

I drank these:
and most likely some more....

Photo-bombed this:

And the rest of the photos will not be posted... but what I will say is that as the night went on, the messier it got and the worse the pictures got... and I decided this morning while reviewing the photos that cameras should be confiscated off dance floors...

We had a great evening, had some drinks, danced the night away, coming home around midnight. Noah was a doll and slept in until 7 AM, instead of 5!

Sunday we had Mike's Aunt Barbara's burial. A nice short service, a luncheon after with family, although the drive home felt like it took forever, but I think it was because we were tired from the night before!


We came home, had a nap, dropped the dogs off at the farm, where Lily refused to wait for M to lift her off the tailgate and when she jumped she fell into a ditch.She is okay, just limping a bit today. Gracie did enjoy the truck ride though!

  We went in and grabbed a few groceries and pizza and went back to the farm for dinner. 

Then we came home, bathed Noah, put him to bed and we both went to bed too!! 

It was a great weekend!


Aubrey said...

You look awesome mama!!

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend! You look fabulous! Yay for some adult time! :)

Whitney B. said...

What a sweet baby boy! Love the name. Found you through the Resolve to Know More linkup. Our baby boy is 3 months as of last week and a miracle after 3 years of TTC!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a fun weekend!! Love all the wedding photos! Hot mama!! Too funny about all the pictures you won't share! It's so true!

Yay Noah for sleeping in! Must have known mama needed her sleep!

J and A said...

So glad you got some party time and drinks!! LOVE that there were photos you couldn't show! ha ha Glad Noah cooperated the next morning also!!


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