Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Travelling With A Baby For Dummies

So it is no secret that M and I will be travelling with Noah for the first time. I'm not so much nervous about him on the airplane, he is a pretty chill baby. I'm more worried about packing for him.

Let's just say our first trip to the lake with him we felt the same way - what the heck does a baby need? And just when we thought we had packed enough stuff for him (we will get to that part in a bit) we still managed to forget to pack pants for him, as the weather was cooler than at home! We won't be making that mistake again! 

Let's just say our pack up the family in 15 minutes has merely doubled if not tripled. There is no quick trip anywhere anymore, including a trip to the grocery store. Do we have diapers, extra outfit, bibs, burp cloths, wipes, nursing cover, toys and blankets? And to think that all fits in just one bag. 

When it came to packing everyone up for the lake for just the day (not even a weekend) - we had the dog beds for the back of the truck and leashes/collars (we forgot dog towels). We had the pack and play, the stroller, the sunshade, the baby bjorn, extra blankets, toys, car seat, the above packed diaper bag and God forbid, don't forget the gripe water for longer trips or you will be that mom crawling into the back seat from the front and hopefully you aren't like me and then have to stop after you get him back to sleep because you are now car sick... Yup - fun times over here! 

M and I joked that we packed up half the house for a day trip! This traveling with a baby has got to get easier and as far as day trips have gone, they have gotten easier. However, we have graduated from day trip to 2 week vacation... 

I'm struggling with what to pack, as we are going to 2 different places, one being super remote, however laundry is available! It is also somewhat cooler than here for the most part, but according to the future forecast it should be nice weather at least! Luckily they don't get the same humidity we get here! There is also a 2 hour time change that will be interesting to work with, but he should do fine with it, as they are 2 hours behind. 

We are going to be that couple that rents the luggage cart at the airport now with our luggage, Noah's luggage, our carry on's, diaper bag, car seat and stroller!! Needless to say I'm reading up on flying with a baby and hoping for things to go smoothly! M and I have got this... I hope! If not we will learn real quick! 

I plan to nurse him when taking off and landing to help with his ears and I also plan on bringing some baby gravol for him just in case. 

Any tips from those who have travelled with young babes? 

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