Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Surprise - Nonetheless

It's no secret or surprise that M and I enjoy surprising each other whenever we can, how every neither one of has a great track record for pulling it off!! We might be two for two in both success and failure!

You recall last year with M's 30 Surprise party - bust. Before that was my 25th birthday trip to Niagara Falls - he pulled it off! I surprised him with a trip to Darian Lake and I pulled it off. 

So this year I will admit I am turning the dirty 30... And M took full advantage of that and went forward with attempting to surprise me! I mean he worked HARD!! He only told the people he needed to. 

He went ahead and called Alison, as well as my cousin out west and passed some dates by and sure enough he planned me a SURPRISE trip out west again! We were there 2 years ago and absolutely loved it!! However last time we drove, which ate up a lot of time, and we had the dogs, which limited our activity - this time we are flying!! The dogs are staying home, but this time we are bringing a baby! Noah's first trip and flights!

So look out Calgary!! Here we come!! Time to get planning my days!!! I know I'm looking forward to finally meeting this little girl:

I look forward to taking a new one of these: 

And hopefully meeting these guys too:

We want to go to Lake Louise, try the famous Menchies, maybe meet up with some other Calgary bloggers? Hopefully get our pictures taken by Whitney - that would be icing on the cake, as I know she is busy! Goto Canmore, because it is my favorite and hand out with the above ladies, luckily this time around we will actually have more than 1 day together!! 

Then we fly out of Calgary to Regina - where I have never been and my cousin J will pick us up from the airport and we will stay at their farm again. Then we fly home!! 

So how did I find out you wonder?? Well to be honest I wish I didn't, as I liked the way Alison was going to surprise me! (Can I still get random pics from D And Cruz? Haha) But I happened to see trip plans written out at the farm. So I asked M's Mom about it, assuming it was a friend of hers daughter flying out here with their new baby and they needed to borrow baby stuff. However the reaction I got was not favourable of that plan, instead she got mad at me and dropped it. 

Then I drilled M about it when he got home from work, wanting to know what his mom was planning, and he finally caved, knowing I wouldn't give up and said his Mom wasn't planning anything... HE was! Opps!! I cried with the sweet gesture, and the fact that I'm soo stinking excited to go out! I listened to how he went behind my back and had conversations with Alison on more than one occasion - you sneaky bums!! I was also slightly jealous haha. I was still surprised, it just didn't play they way he wanted. 

So there we have it!! The surprise tally remains even!

Watch out Calgary, we are coming back and watch out the middle of no where Saskatchewan - we are coming back there too!! And we are pumped!!


Katie said...

that is so exciting!! I'm jealous of both you girls! i love alison! how fun that you guys have long awaited babies that get to meet :)

Leigh said...

How exciting! When are you guys in town? Perhaps we could plan a dinner with a bunch of bloggers

Leigh said...

How exciting! When are you guys in town? Perhaps we could plan a dinner with a bunch of bloggers

Leigh said...
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Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

How Fun! Have a great trip.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awesome, they are sneaky! I kinda knew too ;) Yes, we should plan something all together like Leigh said.

Murdock's mama said...

Jealous you're meeting Allison {again!}. I hope Whitney can squeeze you guys in--she's amazing!!

J and A said...

So exciting!!! :) ha ha I love that we were sneaky but still mad you found out!! Yes we need to make an agenda so we know your plan and then we can plan a blogger dinner maybe too!

Leslie said...

What a fantastic surprise!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Can't wait to meet you!!!! I'm so excited!! That sucks that you found out but you are still going to have a blast anyway!!

Now I want to know how Alison was going to surprise you??!?!

If you have any questions just let me know.

Do you need any baby stuff for while you are here?


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