Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome October!!

October is such a busy month for our little family!!

Starting next week, construction starts on our house! Insert high pitched squeal of both fear and excitement! I'm sooo looking forward to this being done and having a safe house yet again! But this job is a big undertaking, in fact our house will end up completely roofless for at least one night and a few days as they put up new trusses! I will be praying for good weather, but I know October is soo unpredictable! I feel like I should just go escape to the sunny south and avoid the whole situation - I will come back when it's done! But in all reality I want to be nice and close and be able to see this transition!! 

We will be having a paint consultation soon too! I'm considering changing the colors! May as well, it's all gotta be painted again. 

Where we will be staying is up in the air right now. Our plans to stay in a trailer have fallen through, although we are waiting to hear back from one more person. But after thinking more about it, we may just stay here at night in our own bed and just put the space heater in our room. We will see how things turn out! 

This weekend will be a mad rush to get the garage and mudroom cleaned out to house our furniture. Hopefully Noah is up for co-operating! 

Funny story about selling our old stove... I posted it on Facebook and it sold within 10 minutes. We ended up delivering it and let's just say the house was CREEPY, like you will have nightmares later about some of the lawn decor and window ornaments... Seriously don't know how people live like that!  The guy was waiting for us, smoking a stogie to cover up the smell of weed. Luckily the guys just had to drop it in the driveway. I asked $75 and he paid me $100. Worst part is I'm not even sure where the money came from! M and I joked that we bought this weeks groceries with drug money... Oh the google hits that are going to come from that paragraph... 

Moving on... 

We have Noah's baptism at the end of the month, so the search is on for a dress for myself! I also have a couple of crafts I want to attempt for it! Like a banner... But I won't attempt that until we are out if the house and at the farm. 

Those are just a few things going on this month! Tomorrow we are heading to St. Jacobs Market for fun fall outting! Hopefully it's a little nicer than it has been for the last two days! Soo gloomy and damp! But the fall colors are lighting everything up at least! 

And because a post is nothing with out pictures, I will share one of my Instagram pics from yesterday (there were a few) 

Gracie came over to play too!! Love that she's taking more interest in Noah now!! 

And yes, my kid stayed in his jammies all day yesterday!! Just keepin it real!! I did get dressed! 


J and A said...

Market sounds like a great outing! :) Good luck finding a dress and with your crafts. I will be sad when D's party is over, I have no idea what crafts I will do then!! ha ha Hope everything goes ok with the home reno! :)

Hilary said...

That's funny. We haven't seen sunshine down here in weeks! In fact the last two days have been the only sunny days in probably a month. It's been like we're living in Seattle! It's exciting that you'll finally be getting fixed up, though!

Leigh said...

That's exciting that your house is finally getting fixed! I haven't been to the St. Jacob's farmers market in years...I grew up close to it though. Did they rebuild after the fire?


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