Thursday, February 5, 2015

21 Day Fix - Round 1

Well we made it and without a doubt is was a challenge, but seeing the results made the biggest difference!! I am not quite ready to share our before and after pictures yet. Heck I may never be, but thats where my self-consciousness comes into effect. But I will share our results in numbers!

After 21 days, Mike lost a total of 11.25 inches overall and 9 pounds! I lost 6 pounds and 10.75 inches overall!

Now I know I touched on this before, but the work outs are intense, but I am happy to say that despite them being hard, they are doable now. It's a good kind of pain and we are capable of doing soo much more than that first week! Physically we feel stronger! I am feeling muscles that I know haven't been worked in a very long time! 

So are we going to do another round? Yes. We are a little less strict with the meal plan, but still following it for the most part. I am calorie counting this round with my fitness pal. I look forward to seeing how the results compare! It is just 21 days... That's what I keep reminding myself!! 

I will say that one thing that does suck is how often your weight will fluctuate in a month! I do find that drinking a whole lot of water helps big time, but it is just making sure I am taking in at least 4 of my contigo bottles a day!

I will say being in this healthy journey with M is really motivating! We have both had nights where we likely wouldn't have worked out, but because we are doing it together, we push each other and when one of us being "lazy" during the work out, we rattle each other to keep going! It is just what we need! 

Less than a month now until St. Maarten!!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Yay for you's a hard habit to get {back} into! I love that you're doing it together! So jealous of your trip!! :)

Christy said...

21 Day Fix is one of my fave workout programs! my husband and I do it regularly :)

Aubrey said...

Good for you! You're inspiring and I'm jealous! I miss working out, and having the time to do it! Do you guys do the workouts when Noah's sleeping? Proud of you, girl!!

J and A said...

You guys are doing awesome. SO proud of you. Keep at it!! LOVE the new look!


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