Friday, February 20, 2015

Charles Winston

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely know that we have a new visitor at casa Vance.

I shouldn't say new - he's been around since we moved back home in November, but I haven't been able to get close to him. had put food out for it a couple times and attempted to call it, but it was just too timid! We have had some brutally cold weather and Wednesday was one of those days, when I saw the stray in the back yard crying. I opened the patio door and called for it fully expecting for it to run the other way, but this time it came up on the deck towards me slowly and cautiously crying. He came right to me, allowing me to pet him and then pick him up. 

It was one of those vulnerable moments in life for not just me trusting that he won't attack me, but for him trusting another human. He gripped right on to me clinging for warmth and I'm sure food, but his grip wasn't vicious. I carried him into the bathroom and put him down where he cried some more, but rubbed up on my legs and started to purr. He knew he was safe now. I got him some food and he scarfed it right down. He didn't try to get out of the bathroom as I was going in and out trying to gather stuff up for him. He just layed there content and trustingly. 

My heart was breaking for this little guy. How could someone do this to him? How could someone leave him outside to fend for himself? He has several war wounds all over him and was skinny and boney. I called Mike at work, fully expecting him to get frustrated with me for bringing him in the house, but instead he welcomed the idea knowing it was too cold outside for him. When he came home from work he went right in to see him and came out mad. Not mad at me, but mad at the sick person who left this sweet cat on his own. The cat so far seems to have a great personality and I'm sure that he is just super grateful to be somewhere warm but he is genuinely sweet. 

But... And there is always a but, this guy needed a home. I called around to various rescue groups that I trusted and they were all full, so I contacted Change For Paws. They were great, they suggested their Trap Neuter and Release program, which would vaccinate, neuter and check him over and then we could release him or have him put up for adoption. Obviously we couldn't imagine releasing him into this weather again, so we agreed to the program. 

We moved him into the mudroom where he would have more room and of course when I couldn't find Mike, I checked on the cat and found the above. My heart was happy knowing I was with a man as passionate about animals as I am! We both decided he needed a nickname, but we couldn't decide. Mike liked Winston and I like Charlie. So we call him Charles Winston - he needed a name that sounded just as important as he was! He was soo content to just lay in the mudroom and had a great night and surprised us with using the litter box. 

Thursday morning he greated me with a friendly hello, although he doesn't appear to have a voice, just a little squeak. He loves that fleece bed and bath mat! 

Thursday evening I trimmed his front claws knowing we would be bathing him next and we didn't want the daggers. He let me trim the front feet, but not his back. Bathing him was an adventure. He obviously didn't like it, but it needed to be done! It was a two man operation, but we got through it. We wrapped him up in a towel and he instantly began purring again in my arms. 

We dried him off and snuggled him a bit and set him back up in the bathroom where it was warmer. 

This morning we packed him up to take him to vet for his check up and procedure. He did not enjoy the car ride one bit and actually ended up injuring himself further by cutting his foot and rubbing his nose raw. There was blood and pee everywhere. When I put my hand in the cage and made eye contact with him he would calm down. He trusted me and this was his way of showing it. We got him to the vet and they let him out of the cage right away and he came right to me, sat infront of me and purred. 

I am awaiting his test results and news about his surgery and we will go pick him tonight. 

A lot of people are asking what we will do with him and honestly we just don't know. We have had someone contact us about possibly adopting him, but they haven't decided. In the meantime we will be keeping him safe and warm. In my head I think 4 cats... That's crazy cat lady quality, but the other part of both Mike and I are slowly getting attached to him and falling in love with him. We don't have to rush into a decision and we aren't. We have options and right now his recovery is the most important. He trusts us. 

So that is where we stand with Charles Winston. He is with us for now and we will see how things go, but right now his health is the most important. Hopefully we get good news from the vet today! 


Hilary said...

He's totally staying. ;-)

J and A said...

Aw what a little love! He's a Vance now. :)


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