Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{cold} Wednesday

Another damn cold day today!! Soo not a fan and the fact that I am able to escape this weather in less than a week now is leaving me excited!! As in I have actually started packing and I hate packing!! Find Noah clothes was tricky - the clothes I had bought were too big and the ones I already had were too small! Luckily J lent me some and I bought some used as well as on sale at Carters and we have enough now!

Noah had his first real hair cut, not just a trim:

He looks soo much older now and clearly getting a clear photo is a challenge these days! 

A lot of you have asked how the stray cat is doing. I am happy to say Felix is settling right in and making himself at home stealing dog toys into his room: 

We had a little ladies night last night and decided to bust out the jamberry nails: 

Mine are the icey taupe polka, S did lace noir and J did feeling festive!! Yes embarrassingly enough this is the first time I have done them since I had my party in Novemeber! It is actually easier with my gel nails on! 

Today I am wearing pink to help bring awareness to stop bullying: 

One day I will get better at these pictures right?? Haha

Noah is one proud little boy pulling himself up into standing position! He did not have a good night 

last night but is surprisingly not in a horrible mood and is playing contently! 

He also had fun at the library songs and stories this morning, even though getting out of the house with him was a bit of a challenge this morning as we were on the verge of needing a nap! 

Soo happy the voice is back on! Love that show! 

Noah finished up his Valentine's Day art a little late, but man is it ever cute!! 

Wow this post is getting pretty random!! So we will leave it at that! Happy Wednesday friends!! 

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Kristina said...

He does look like such a big boy with his hair cut. I waited as long as I could before cutting Jack's. He was not a happy camper and it is pretty uneven but still looks so cute! Just more like a big boy and not my little baby!


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