Monday, February 2, 2015

January To-Do Follow up

1) set up Noah's play area in the basement - we still have some stuff to get, update the pictures in the picture frame, fill it with the rest of the toys from the playroom upstairs, etc. But he has a place just for him!

2) clean office and set up computer area - we did a make-shift job, it is not how I want it to stay!

3) file papers in said office! I will go through them, shred what can be shred and Mike will file those needed to be kept! I will also update my bill binder!! This thing has been soo useful, glad I made one! - This is half done I sorted through said papers into piles! 

4) make photo calendar 

5) work on some of Noah's photo books - I purchased 3 from photobook Canada that expire in July! - Yup, didn't happen!

6) start clean eating and 21 day fix!! M and I both up for the 21 day challenge!! We figure we have done way worse with that 30 day cleanse! You bet there will be more to come on this!!  - we started and finished this and yes it was challenging, but we actually enjoyed it!

7) enjoy a little stay-cation with Mike and Noah during M's drainage conference!  - we had a great little trip!! 

8) get basement into order as a family room - we went above and beyond this and put the new floor down too!

9) work on meal planning - we do soo much better when we do this and I am actually able to prepare dinner a lot easier when we have the meal planned and even half prepped if possible!! - we found with the 21 day fix that this was especially important and very helpful!

10) get all new IKEA furniture built! We did a monster IKEA trip bought all new dining room chairs, a cubby unit for the toy room and then we also bought a storage centre for the bathroom!! - wow it is soo nice to have a matching dining room set, although the chairs are bigger, so we cannot put as many around it, it is still plenty and we have the extra. it really changes the whole look in there! The bathroom armoire is perfect! We love it and it gives us soo much more storage, but I need to get glass frosting so you cant see whats in it!

11) start sorting out Noah's clothes that are too small into totes by size - I have 0-6 months sorted out!

Some extra things we got done:

- emptied and went through the freezer as well as defrosting it!
- made mass amounts of baby food!
- cleaned out the mudroom, rearranged it and found homes for a lot of stuff that was homeless
- switched out the bathroom mirror
- hung some art work
- cleaned out the junk basket, on top of the fridge and the junk drawer
- got started with cleaning with enjo now! 

Feels great to cross off soo many big jobs! Although I feel like just when we are getting ahead in one area, we are sliding in a different one! If we can just get everything organized - then just maintain. We just have to get there!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Nice work! I can't wait to see your February motivating! :)

J and A said...

Nice work!!


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