Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

I was going to post Noah's 11 month update today - you know because I am behind, but I just had too much to share from my week!! 

Yesterday was a busy fun day, we headed to London to go and get Noah's passport and of course I forgot Noah's stroller... That part was not as much fun! I lucked out and the wait wasn't AS bad as it would have been if I had been 2 minutes later - they were lined up out the door behind me! 
I am pretty sure I heard Noah say Mamama while we were waiting in line, but I couldn't get him to say it again without seeming like that crazy lady! So now we will wait to hear it again! Haha. 

Noah's passport should arrive in 2 weeks, just in time for our trip! 

After we finished up at the passport office we headed to my Aunt's house where my cousin J was staying with little Briar! It was great to squeeze in a visit because we don't get to see them that often, although we have been lucky seeing them at Christmas and then again now because her sister had a baby!

Noah enjoyed playing with Briar and was really gentle with her! He wasn't so gentle with himself and took 3 headers while we were there.. Luckily no marks!! Tough guy! When it came time to get a picture of the two of them, I think J managed to get one on her camera, but I managed to capture the sweetest moment on my phone... Briar was falling over, so Noah quickly put his arm around her. It was soo sweet: 

Either way we had a great visit! Noah was fading fast and I still wanted to hit up Target while I was in the same city as one, knowing they were starting the liquidation, however it sucked! They had no clothes, the kids stuff was hardly marked down, maybe 10-20%. I did buy Noah a rash guard for his swimshorts because we need it and a sleeper and then I got us yoga mats and new weights for 20% off, mainly because we needed them! Then we hit up the drive through bank machine - all branches should have this! Soo convienent for parents! 

Noah napped in the truck on the way home. Overall we had a great day! Apparently Noah either missed the dogs when we got back home or thought their bed looked comfy, because he headed right for it when we got home: 

After our work out last night, the ladies came over and it was nice to enjoy nice glass of wine and some appies!! 

On to Wednesday, we had our township meeting and we lucked out with having it deferred until mid-March! I ended up having to speak on behalf on the community that I was hoping to wait to do, but sure enough the meeting didn't go the way I expected and I would have hated for a decision to go the wrong way and not get a say! The best question still lies unanswered - why a 4-plex? The guy could go tomorrow and get a building permit for single house, but instead he complicates it with the idea of a 4-plex! 

It was a busy week! But I am happy to see the weekend! This weekend we will be getting the house all ready for Noah's birthday next weekend! I need to get my craft on too! 

You also my have noticed I updated the banner on the blog and switched out the background! It was time for a little refresh! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


P!nky said...

All those pictures of Noah are so cute!!!!

Stopping by from the linkup!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The new banner looks great! Sounds like a fun and busy week.
I went to Target yesterday too to get some stuff I needed I could not believe people had their carts heaped for an average of 10% off! Maybe if they shopped there before they would not be leaving! End rant ;) lol.
Have a great weekend!

Hilary said...

Your banks don't all have drive thru's??? (That's probably a sign of why we Americans are so lazy! :-P)

Murdock's mama said...

New blog designs for everyone...yay!! :)


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