Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey Friday!

Oh Friday am I ever happy to see you!! 

Last night was rough... Noah woke up at 11:30, of course M wasn't even home yet from his "guys night" and I had already been sleeping for an hour! My nose was dripping and I was sniffling non-stop which doesn't make a baby go to sleep easy. I had been battling sleep with Noah all day, so I didn't have high hopes of this going down well! Needless to say it took M an hour to get him back down once he got home after 12! 

Since Noah learned how to pull himself up he has been curious and exploring his crib lately. I know the excitement will wear off eventually but until then I expect this little sleep regression and self soothing to be a challenge. 

He went down better this morning for me at least! 

We found out yesterday that our old neighbour and fellow firefighter with Mike passed away yesterday at the of age 61 of Alzheimer's. Such a sad disease! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family! 

We have one bag packed and ready to go for Monday! This weather here is making me look forward to our vacay more and more! Turns out MORE snow is on he way! 

We also learned that my cousin is going to be our pilot for our trip!! Nothing like knowing we are going to be in good hands!! 

I ordered my first chat book!!! I can't wait for them all to come in! 

This weekend we have a literacy event at the community centre to take Noah to, we need to finish up packing and get the house in order! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

He is just curious for sure! I hope is passes soon for you. Sleep fighting is no fun! I know he will be back to his old sleep habits soon :)

Aubrey said...

So jealous of your upcoming vaca!!

HayleyKiah said...

The more mobile they become, the more fun! Have fun with your little Noah!


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