Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I am Loving Wednesday

It's about time I shared some of my current loves with you all!!

I am loving having this new spa in the village!! My nails look gorgeous once again after a long 2 years without gel nails. Feels great to have them back!! 

I am also in works with a website designer for the village website and we have come up with some great ideas that I am really excited about!! I love living in such a small village!! 

My enjo cleaning products have not let me down yet! I cleaned my blinds in 5 minutes and I mean they were thick with dust!! My windows look shiny, my fridge has no fingerprints and our stove looks almost brand new - a few more times and it will look brand new!! Soo happy I invested in these products!! And I love how easy it is to clean with!! 

So as I mentioned previously we kind of got off track with the 21 day fix this round. But M and I were both happy to see weight drop off this morning and we have upped our weights, so that should make a difference as well or so we feel it anyways! 

Our little guy is cutting another tooth and is therefore not the happiest camper! He is trying not to be grumpy, but sometimes his teeth just hurt! Last night he was asleep and crying at the same time! Poor guy! 

I am loving the way my Valentines Day craft is coming together, except I ran out of buttons last night!!! And I have less than a quarter of the heart to do! I also burnt my finger last night on the hot glue! Man that hurt! Here's a sneak peek: 

I am also looking forward to the dogs spa day on Friday! I've never taken them to get them professionally done, but I found someone used to doing Goldens and her price was great! I think they are looking forward to it too!! I know I look forward to not having to do it myself!! 

What are you loving today?? 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How many people live in your village?
I am going to do the 21 day fix too! I fell off my plan this weekend too, but determined to get back on track these last two weeks of pump :)

Aubrey said...

What are you doing for Noah's teething?? Any tips that have worked for you guys??

J and A said...

So cool you are so involved with the village. I miss my nails at times but hated the upkeep!!


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