Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekend Rewind

This is me writing my blog post for the second time... Thank you blogger...

Our weekend was jam-packed with fun!! A few glitches came up but we made the best of them!

Friday the dogs had their first spa day!! They were soo good, but it was too much for Lily. She did get finished, but just didn't enjoy it the same as Gracie! Lily had a rough car ride on the way there because she fell off the backseat. Ever since Lily had liver failure, we knew that would take years off her life, it is our goal to make sure she is comfortable and happy, but Mike and I will both be surprised if we get another year out of her. Gracie on the other hand love every minute of being pampered - she was in heaven! 

We had dinner at the farm and once we got home we just worked away on a few small details for the party and did some food prep! 

We woke up Saturday morning and sure enough we got another 6 inches of snow and wind chills of -40 C. The weather took a turn for the worst when the wind picked up causing very poor visibility. Of course we had big plans on Saturday including 2 parties, one in town and the other one being Hannah's birthday! 

We made it to Harper's (Noah's birthday buddy) party in town very slowly and late because of the weather. The party was fun, it was great to see all the kiddos together with them all being a month and a day apart from each other, aside from Noah and Harper. S had them all do some handprint art, which we were able to take home at the end of the party:

After the party we stopped at Winners where I found a steal of a deal and brought home this table for the dining room:

We attempted to head to sisters after that but we had to take the back roads because the highway was closed with a 40 car pile up. The visibility was just soo bad, and the snow drifts from the wind were intense! We ended up turning around and heading home instead! 

We were supposed to go to the firemans wing night, but my mom was unable to make it to babysit because of the weather, so I stayed home with my little Valentine:

Sunday the weather calmed down, although if was still crazy cold! Our morning was busy with food prep for the party and decor! I totally failed at taking pictures of the decor, I got a few after at least! 

We had about 40 people in the house for Noah's party! It was great having everyone here celebrating our little miracle!! He loved his first cupcake: 

I will go into better detail of the party later this week! But as I look back at pictures I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness having everyone here to help us celebrate!! We are soo blessed to have soo many people supporting us! His party was perfect!! We couldn't be happier with how it went! Everyone was gone by 5 and we had a nice quiet evening. 

We let Noah stay up a little later than usual as he was playing soo contently with his new toys! 

I managed to snap one last picture of Noah before he turned one, his last 11 month photo: 

Monday was a holiday here (family day) and we did just that, hung out as a family!! We gave Noah his ball pit for his birthday gift! He loved it and so did Daddy:

Mikes parents came over for the afternoon and then dinner as well, as we had to have our pancake supper (the day before shrove Tuesday so we didn't miss it with them being gone). This little birthday boy had another great day! 

Tuesday we had another little family day, which included a walk with Noah's new sled:

Yesterday was back to normal, with a trip to the library for songs and stories and then an afternoon at home. More to come on yesterday's excitement in a separate post, as this post was supposed to posted yesterday but blogger was kind enough to delete it. 


Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend. Happy Birthday Noah! I can't wait for the details. The sled is so cute! :)

Leigh said...

So not jealous of that weather you guys had! Glad to hear that Noah's party went well :)


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