Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Noah - 11 Months

Nothing like posting this 3 weeks late, a week before he turns 1!! 

18 lbs 11 oz - 42 weeks
21 lbs 8 oz - 46 weeks 

29.75 inches

Sleeping: Noah has a a few rough nights of going down, but once we got him down, he would sleep all night. It was really a team effort to get him down, but we suspect teething to be the cause of this! We are learning that there are no more naps after 4:30 if we want a good bedtime either! We are pretty much down to two naps a day and they range from 40 minutes to an hour, with rare occasion being longer! 

Feeding: Noah is officially weaned! We stopped breastfeeding at 10 months 5 days, just before Christmas! He was really distracted whenever we tried and would only nurse for like 3 minutes on each side, so we decided this was his way of letting us know he was ready and he has done really well with the transition!

This month Noah tried:
- Ham
- Blueberry Apple Oatmeal Muffins
- peanut butter
- clementines - was NOT a fan! 
- chicken noodle soup 
- ribs

Clothing: Suddenly his 9 month pants are too short and heck even his onesies are now either 9 months or 12 months. He is starting to grow out of his 9 month sleepers too! We don't have any plain white onesies hence the sticker misplaced to hide a monster! 

Diapers: We are finally on to size 3's now!!! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: We won't be seeing the doctor this month!

Nicknames: No Nap Noah, Little Bird, Sir, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man,  Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: Walking, getting scared by Mommy or Daddy, waving, clapping, his tractor and dump truck, music table, fire truck, his lovies, blankets, remote controls or phones, various toys, his steering wheel, mega blocks, eating, the dogs and cats, singing and dancing. He loves bath time and gets one every night before bed! He also loves his new little house, his digger and his own remote control!

Dislikes: Falling, being told NO, he does not like his stackers stacked and rips them apart as soon as you assemble them back together! Clementines - must be a texture thing

Fur Baby Update: Jazz loves hanging out beside Noah as he plays, Gracie loves the extra attention she gets and Lily is indifferent. Lux loves Noah, but only during quiet times now and Binx could care less! 

Personality/Events: Noah now says "uh oh" and "dada". We swapped Noah into his next car seat. He still had an inch to grow in his bucket seat, but honestly M and I were sick of lugging it around. It is definetely an adjustment getting him in and out of the car now! Noah just wants to walk walk walk non-stop! He is a machine, but he is not able to pull himself up yet to do it himself, so it is only when we "let" him at this point. He loves motoring around pushing his fire truck around and around for as long as we let him! Crawling is still a no go, he can get himself around backwards, but he is flipping himself onto his knees now from sitting position, but then kicks his legs out. He hasn't figured out how to tuck them up yet! Noah's top two teeth are coming down (again). 


Leigh said...

Can't believe that he is almost one! I just noticed your background too...love it!

Hilary said...

Naps/Bedtime have been a little bit of a struggle for us too, in the last couple of weeks. On the weekends, I usually give him 2 naps, ranging from 1-2 hours, and he naps really well, but then when bedtime comes, he is a MONSTER and doesn't want to sleep. I realized he is only getting 1 nap a day at daycare, and he goes to bed without a peep during the week, so we're going to try that. I hate to have a baby that naps, smack in the middle of the day, but....

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

(Love the new blog changes!!)

Noah is way heavier than Leo now- he's only 18.5lbs! Same length though.

So many changes at this age! Walking machine you have!

Hope the teeth give you a break! Leo goes down well but still waking a couple times :( Gotta do something about that!

Leo loves clementines- so funny!

J and A said...

Such a big boy!! Bigger than Miss D! He's gonna be walking in no time. Damn teeth, i swear it never ends!!

Aubrey said...

Isn't it crazy how those sticker ties tend to shrink more and more every month?!

Anonymous said...

Wow does time fly!? It's good that he sleeps through the night once you get him down. Lily used to take a long nap after lunch and then when she was 1 1/2 she started doing two a day, one around 10am-noon and then another from 2-4. Now she's back to one nap after lunch again.


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