Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Rewind

feel like I am falling soo far behind on my blog posts... Will I ever get caught up? 

This weekend was a nice low key weekend. Unfortunately we got more snow... But the temperature dropped to only -10 instead of -26! Our vacation can't come soon enough, this mama needs some sun and warmth!! 

Friday night we went an picked up Charles Winston, who has now been given the name Felix. It also looks like he is here to stay for now. One of his test results came back positive, so that made him no longer an candidate for adoption. The rescue group I was working with offered to make him a cat house for outside, but it is just too cold out there, I can't do it, so we are going to see how things go. He needed some extra loving and he got just that as I got caught up on the PVR! 

Saturday we worked on laundry, got the suitcases out, I made Noah's smash cake and just enjoyed some family time. We decided last minute to have a little date night, so we headed into town, stopped at Carters to try to find Noah some clothes for our trip and luckily we found some great deals!! 

We went to east sides for dinner where Noah enjoyed his first lemon! Yes, he actually enjoyed it! When we got home we bathed Noah and put him down, worked out and then watched the newer movie Annie. It was great! We really enjoyed it!! 

Sunday we worked on packing and of course playing!! We also did Noah's cake smash! I was happy with how the cupcake turned out: 

And the pictures were fun too!! 

My favorite: 

We also worked on introducing Felix to the rest of the house. So far Lux and him get along, but Jazz and Binx need some work. 

Sunday night was spent watching the Oscars and M playing video games. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!! 


J and A said...

You are such a good cat Mom! I hope it works out!! I LOVE the smash cake!! Such beautiful pics! Brrrr that is cold. We have been SO lucky with weather lately!

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE the cake smash photos--so adorable!!! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You are so nice to take the kitty in! Lucky guy to have found you :)
LOVE the cake smash photos!!

Kristina said...

Those baby blue eyes!!!! So beautiful.


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