Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Working On: Potty Training Noah, finishing up in the nursery, making a rag quilt for a gift, oh and if I'm being really honest, I'm working on my patience - to say this potty training is a lot of work, it is. Noah's doing really well with it, but it is still exhausting, especially while pregnant!

Enjoying: M starting work at 8 AM, because it means I get a bit more sleep and with him being home around 5 PM, it's means as long as my days seem, I have help a lot sooner than I am used to, which makes a big difference these days!! 

Not Loving: the snow storm we got last night! I know the snow will be gone come the weekend because we will have positive temps by then and the forecast looks good for the next 2 weeks, so maybe this was the last of it. The perk is we will have snow for our maternity pics tomorrow! I'm also not loving all the hair Gracie is shedding because the weather going back and forth! 

Looking Forward To: getting my c-section date, our maternity pictures, the snow being gone for good, Noah getting better at telling us when he has to pee and meeting this baby next month!

Watching: The Bachelor - I'm torn between which side I'm on, originally it was team Lauren, but I kind of really like JoJo!! The Voice is back on too!! 

Pinning: Lots of tutorials from sewing,to how to use my Cricut and recipes of course:

What are you currently up to? 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was going to say good for you doing potty training this pregnant! I have a hard enough time helping A on the potty now! I am so ready for baby, well not technically but done being pregnant lol. I cannot believe how close we are to meeting the babes!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Potty training was by far the hardest part of parenting so far I found! It was 4 intense days for us. I'm not sure when I'm going to start with Leo. I'm sure he could do it but I'm not ready for it yet! I'm also not ready to put him in a big bed yet so clearly I'm in denial that my baby isn't a baby anymore!

Snowstorm- yuck!! Can't wait to see your maternity photos!!


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