Thursday, June 16, 2016

Emilya - 2 Months

Eating: Nursing is continuing to go well! Emilya would love it if I would allow her to nurse a little bit every hour in the day, but I try to stretch them to 2 hours instead! In the evening she does tend to nurse every hour, which makes doing a solo bedtime with both kiddies tricky. I am still getting up to pump in the middle of the night around 2:30/3 AM and Emilya tends to wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 and she will get a 4 oz bottle at that time and then go back down until 7/8 AM.

Sleeping: Miss Emilya rocks this department! She sleeps like a dream - literally. I'm actually jealous that M typically does not have to get up to give her bottle, yet I am still getting up to pump. As much as this is a pain in the butt, it makes the most sense for us as far as building up a freezer stash. I just don't have the time to pump in the day! I love being able to have a bottle on hand when we go out, especially when shopping. Emilya naps in the mamaroo daily. She will sometimes take a short 30 minute morning nap, but will take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon and maybe a cat nap around the dinner hour if she is in her bouncy chair. She will literally only sleep until it stops vibrating. She goes to bed around 9/9:30 at night and sleeps until 4:30-5:30 typically. 

Clothing: Emilya is on the verge of outgrowing her 3 month sleepers. The 3 month outfits are good, but baby girl is one long baby! I'm looking forward to finding out her length soon! We are definitely not getting as much use out of the clothes as we did with Noah! Luckily I haven't had to spend a ton on her clothes, as I bought most second hand or paid 1/2 price. 

Bathes: Emilya is loving her baths. Her skin has started to clear up after I started using the Aveeno soap instead. I'm not sure that the other soap was causing the baby acne, but the Aveeno helped clear it up quicker, as it was a bit more gentle I think. But her face has cleared right up now! 

Skin and Hair: Her hair appears to be lightening up like crazy. The new hair that is growing in on top where she lost almost all of her hair is very light, yet her hair is all dark and long in the back! Let's just say Emma rocks a headband quite often and luckily doesn't seem to mind them, except the really big ones - she is not a fan! As mentioned above, her skin has cleared right up! Emilya's eyes are looking more blue everyday, so I am pretty sure she will have her Daddy's blue eyes! 

Weight: Week 5: 10 lbs 6 oz 
             Week 6: 10 lbs 12 oz 
             Week 7: 11 lbs 3 oz
             Week 8: 11 lbs 10 oz
             2 Months: 12lbs 
Her Length is already 25 inches!! She is soo tall!!

What The Doctor Had To Say: Emilya saw the audiologist shortly after she turned 2 months. Unfortunately they found that Emilya does have some mild hearing loss in her left ear and we will continue to look into that. The good news is that she can hear, but she has a hard time hearing quiet, low pitched sounds. Obviously this was upsetting for me, but I think I will feel better once we look into it further and I can begin to process and understand it a bit better. 

Nicknames: Emma, Em, Emy, Baby, Little Miss, Littlest Squish, Baby girl, Baby Bunny

Big Brother Update: Noah is an awesome big brother and can get the most smiles out of his sister with ease. He will sing to her, bring her toys and blankets, heck he will even share his lovey with her! We even catch him trying to share food with her or his milk, but have to remind him that she is too small! He is very eager to help with bath time or diaper changes and usually asks to hold her at least once a day! He literally melts my heart when he wakes up in the morning and asks where Emma is (if she is still sleeping) and when he goes to bed, he insists on hugging and kissing her! 

Personality: Emilya is still pretty laid back, but she will let you know when she is not happy. She doesn't like dirty diapers, car rides, her car seat or burping. But she is loving tummy time, her play mat, the bouncer or any bouncing, she will instantly calm down if you take her outside, she likes the mamaroo, her blankets and her lovey. She will not take a soother still, which leaves this mama nursing more often than I prefer, but we are working on that. Emilya is one happy baby and loves flashing her smile in anyone's direction. 

Mama's Thoughts: We are definetly getting the hang of this whole parenting two children. The spring rush has just ended and now we can focus on routines and family time a lot easier. Our evenings this month were pretty hectic with M getting home late, Noah hyped up to hang out with Daddy, etc. But like I just mentioned, we should be able to get a better routine down soon. Just after Emilya turned two months, I attempted my first solo bedtime and it was not smooth,  but we did it and there is lots of room for improvement. I nap in the afternoon about twice a week, sometimes less, but generally both kids go down in the afternoon for 2 hours and this mama enjoys some quiet time. I will often try to tackle some things on my ever growing to-do list, but in all honesty, it's my break in the day and I need it! 

Recovery-wise I still have some stubborn swelling, but I feel great. I have started to increase my activity slowly and will start working out a few times a week as soon as we get a routine established on the home front. For now walking is working, along with cleaning the house. I am able to fit in most of my pre-maternity clothes, which is nice, but it will be nicer when it is a looser fit, which I imagine will happen when the swelling goes right down as well.  


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh I couldn't imagine solo bedtime! Especially if it's bath nights for both girls, right now Chloe is inky every other night for a bath.
Chloe hates burping too but she's so gassy!
Emilya is such a a sweet and smiley girl :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh I couldn't imagine solo bedtime! Especially if it's bath nights for both girls, right now Chloe is inky every other night for a bath.
Chloe hates burping too but she's so gassy!
Emilya is such a a sweet and smiley girl :)

Leigh said...

Love hearing the update on Emilya! Was she born with the hearing loss? Hopefully it's not rude to ask, I just wasn't sure :)


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