Friday, June 10, 2016


Holy moly, it's Friday already and this week was busy and went by fast.

Our week was pretty good for the most part. Today I am off grabbing my groceries this morning, as well as visiting my cousin, so I can finally drop off the baby gift I forgot to give her at Easter... Yes you read that correct - Easter! 

I'm in a purging mood, so pretty much anything extra sitting in my house is leaving. Like the gift that's been sitting in my dining room, or the bins of clothes that need to be gone through. I am excited to drop off a bag of clothes at good will tomorrow and I look forward to starting a new one! Why am I holding on to so many things? I really just want to get this house put back together.

Let's rewind to Wednesday - the tree came down. The guy we hired was great and very professional. Our yard looks like a jungle. I cannot see the pool, I can only see brush. That will all be dealt with tomorrow. 


Emilya's hearing test didn't go exactly as planned. Remember when I said I wasn't overly concerned, well it turns out she does have some mild hearing loss in her left ear. Yes, she can hear, hence the lack of concern initially, but she struggles with quiet sounds and low pitches. So needless to say we will be looking into this further with an ENT and follow up appointments. 

Obviously I found this news upsetting, there is nothing worse than finding out there is something wrong with your baby. In my eyes she is perfect regardless, but my heart hurts for her knowing she may struggle as she develops. I think once I have more information and we find out exactly what is going on, I will be able to process everything, so for now I am a little upset and sad about the findings. I'm not ready to talk about it further, because there is just too much I don't know. But I will update as we go along. The important thing is she CAN hear, she is not deaf by any imagination.

Moving on to yesterday, I managed to cut Noah's hair at home again, without M to help me distract him. He did great and I am really happy with how it looks! I not only used 2 different lengths on the clippers, but I hand trimmed the top as well! It is short, but his hair grows soo stinkin' fast. 

Monday morning we have the new carpet being installed on the stairs. I am really looking forward to the new carpet. 

I had to go through Noah's clothes bin and pull out some 3-6 month sleepers for  Emilya! We were down to just 4 sleepers that fit! As much as I love the girly ones, she is growing too fast to warrant buying all new ones!! 

This weekends plans include ripping out the current carpet on the stairs and cleaning up the tree debris in the backyard.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You did awesome with Noah's haircut!! I'm impressed! Emilya is perfect! And with all the technology these days know everything will be fine :) Also, I'm mildly deaf in one ear too, and it's a joke with everyone as to what side you talk to me on ;)
Enjoy your weekend!


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