Thursday, June 2, 2016


Is it bad that I am literally counting down the days until the spring rush for the family buisness is over??? I feel like I'm literally hanging by one thread over here. My patience is getting shorter, my house is an unorganized mess, my toddler is... Well - being a toddler and my newborn is being a newborn! The days are long, soo very long for our family at this time.

I can't keep my schedule straight, to the fact that if its not on my calander, then I'm going to forget it. M keeps trying to have me make upcoming plans and make decisions, and they all bang around in my head like rocks at this point! 

I can't blame it on sleep deprivation, because that is one thing that is going really well, we are getting lots of sleep considering. But in all other departments in my life, I'm exhausted and you could say somewhat overwhelmed with the messes. When I get a minute to myself, I split it between down time (because that's the one thread everything's hanging on) and cleaning up the messes. 

Next week... Next week our life will become less stressful! Maybe not right away, because we have a lot of catching up to do, but the rush will be over! I will have my husband back and he might just find
his wife in all this chaos?? 

The good thing is the kids are healthy and happy and we are still making memories! The to-do list has been pushed aside for the last 2 months to ensure this. We got done what NEEDED to be done and not much more, because family time comes first around here. Clearly, the mess waits and the magic little cleaning fairies don't actually exist! 

Note to self for next spring: 
- Don't have a newborn during spring rush
- Don't let your basement flood during spring rush 


Yes, both things entirely out of our control and I know what your thinking, we could have planned the newborn situation better... But let's face it, when my body lets me get pregnant - a semi-surprise pregnancy at that... We take it and call it a miracle! 

So that is why things are falling behind on this blog of mine, but know that it is temporary and I have some really great reviews coming up, some fresh content, etc. So please continue to bear with me!!


Lindsay said...

Oh I hear you! Its been crazy here and will be until the end of June! It's prime time Sod time! What is your family business?

P!nky said...

Sending you hugs and love!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Babies come when they want, whether you plan them or not! Don't feel bad about that one! Both my babies were born during one of the busiest work times for me but that's just the way it is.

Your title says it all- it's about surviving these days. I had to force myself to only clean up the toys during nap/bed time and to only wash dishes once or twice a day. Or else I would literally never sit down. And most days I still don't! I've learned to embrace the mess...


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