Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Rewind

My weekend was pretty amazing!!! Well any weekend when I get to see Luke Bryan is amazing haha. 

Friday was my first full day (pretty much) away from Emilya and yes, it was hard, I missed her snuggles and smiles, but it was a nice break! 

Friday morning I had to run a bunch of errands - without kids!!! This allowed me to get to more than one store and although I didn't quite get to everywhere I needed to, I did tackle most of it!! Something told me M was going to be just fine with Emilya for the day:

I came home, quilt nursed Em before I left at 1:30 to meet the girls. I offered to drive to Toronto and surprisingly traffic wasn't horrible!! We made it there in great time, we got great parking, picked up our tickets and headed on foot to find some dinner. 

My sister and I:

We walked quite a ways before we found a pizza joint and actually it was pretty good! We walked back along the water front and then took 10 minutes so I could pump before the concert. By the time I finished the gates were open! We were honestly giddy when the took us to our seats! Five from the stage:

It was hands down the best!! Dustin Lynch was great, Little Big Town was great as well, but Luke Bryan was amazing and being that close to the stage was unreal!! It was such an amazing experience and we are pretty sure nothing will beat this experience at his concert. I could go on and on about how amazing it was and it was the best concert ever, but I'm sure you get the picture! Speaking of pictures:

We got out of Toronto easily but ended up hitting construction and didn't get home until 1:45 AM. By the time I got cleaned up and pumped, it was after 2 AM before I was in bed! 

Emilya slept 9.5 hours!! M let me sleep in until about 7:45 AM. We did breakfast and then packed up the kids to head to the farmers market. We picked up the brisket for the long weekend and some local strawberries, hit up the pool store and worked in the back yard again!! 

What I will say is how great our yard is coming together!! We are really happy with it and looking forward to spending the summer back there!! 

We of course did some swimming, playing and napping and we enjoyed dinner outside!! After supper we were back outside again and finished the play area! We put artificial grass under the play yard to keep it cleaner and easier to cut the grass. 

Saturday night M surprised me with a bonfire! The first one of the season and it was great, just being able to sit outside on a quiet night, just him and I - it was very peaceful! I headed to bed by 10:30! Staying up late one night, means early bedtimes and naps to catch up on that missed sleep!! 

Sunday morning we headed to Costco for opening. We rocked that Costco trip! 2 kids, 2 carts, 2 bathroom trips, 1 return, $300 spent in 1 hour and 1 minute!! We are stocked for summer!! 

We came home, had lunch, worked in the basement for a bit and then it was naptime for the kids. While they napped, it was hair cut time for these two:

We did laundry and poked away in a few things around the house. It was super hot and humid, so it was nice working in the basement! I'm happy that say it is almost all cleaned up!! Then I can focus on decorations. 

Before supper these guys went for a swim and then we enjoyed another dinner out on the deck. Gracie was loving her swim, not something we allow often, but it was a lot easier with only one dog to manage and she sure enjoyed it! 

After supper I quickly brushed the cats and trimmed their nails out on the deck before the storm rolled through. Of course we had an escapee - but we got Jazz back in the house before bedtime! 


Murdock's mama said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Glad you got away for the day and to the concert! I have only been pumping enough for two bottles in the fridge so a day away is a only a dream for me these days ;) Love the pink flamingo!!
I want a fire now! haha. We just got our fence last week so it is on my list to do now too :)


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