Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Phew, that weekend literally flew on on by! Wow, can't believe it is Monday!

Friday night M's ball game ended up getting cancelled, so had Friday evening to prep the yard for the clean up, get all the equipment here, bath Gracie, etc. and then get the kids to bed! 

Saturday morning we had about 6 guys here to help at 9 AM with cleaning up the tree limbs. We rented a chipper and mulched as much of it as we could. 

Miss Emilya has been super clingy this weekend, not sure if she just sensed the commotion going on around her, but she insisted on being held all weekend. Oh darn... Baby snuggles are no fun at all! I did manage to wear her for about an hour or so while I vacuumed the pool and treated it on Saturday morning. 

Noah was a champ all weekend with listening ears and he just wanted to help out in any way he could, so we let him and he was soo happy! 

After lunch on Saturday Noah and M went for a swim in the chilly pool, but then it was naptime. It's about that time that my allergies began to suck big time, my lavender oil was not working, nor was Benedryl. Apparently chipping that tree just put soo much pollen and dust in the air that I was a mess and only went down hill from there. Even the clingy baby was becoming too much for me. I ran into town to pick up supper and then had M take over for a bit so I could just rest my painful and swollen eyes. 

We were soo grateful for all the help we had on Saturday, it really made a big messy job go a lot quicker. 

Sunday was more yard clean up the boys, while I vouched to stay inside and work on laundry. I still didn't feel great, but sleep did help. 

Noah stayed with Daddy all day outside pretty much, aside from a monster nap. So we are pretty much in clean up mode for the rest of the month and THEN we will be able to sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer we hope! 

Sunday night we ripped the carpet out on the stairs going to the basement - ugh soo gross! I've anted it gone since we moved in and yesterday we had the new carpet installed and it is soo nice and plush. We are really happy with it! 



Today Miss Emilya and I are having a day together while Noah goes to hang out with Grandma. Emilya has her 2 month shots today and I have a feeling she is NOT going to like it! She is a bit dramatic over the slightest things, so something I would agree with hurting, just might put her over the top. M's Mom offered to keep Noah until after his nap this afternoon so I could have some time with Emilya and I just thought how great that would be, especially considering how clingy she has been! Wish us luck! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a smiley girl you have! Hope you had a good afternoon!
You guys have been doing a ton of home projects - good for you! Once this fence is up we have a list to get moving on stat!


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