Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What I Am Loving Wednesday

Let's just get right to it:

2 more sleeps until I get to see Luke Bryan again!!! Soo excited!!! I'm a little nervous to leave Emilya for that long, but M took the day off to be home with the kids, so that does help ease my mind! I'm sure this man on stage will be a good distraction!!

Crazy to think the last time I saw him I was pregnant!!! Here's to hoping this shirt fits a bit better now!! 

Tonight my feet are headed to the spa for a little pedi action and boy are they in need!! I'm really looking forward to it!! 

Another small joy I'm celebrating is that Friday morning I can run my errands sans children!! No puker Emilya, who hates the car, no car seats to unbuckle, just in and out as needed! I'm going to do my returns and maybe even get my new health card. 

I will say I do owe Noah a "mommy and me" shopping trip! He is requesting it and tells me that he misses shopping with me! Soo cute! 

Let's talk about a few small shops I am loving lately: 

How cute are these top knots?? 

And we have these bibs enroute:

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