Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Friday evening was a busy one. I had a friend coming over to look at my maternity clothes, Mikes Dad was over for dinner and then we had friends cone over before M's ball game! 

Noah loved having Grandpa over for dinner and so did Emilya: 

A little cherry hunting - it's their thing

And Emilya told Grandpa all about her day:

Saturday morning I woke up to these smiles at 6:45 AM: 

We had a busy morning ahead! It was the last Saturday of busy season, so we celebrated with a field trip - literally! Miss Emilya slept through her first quad ride: 

And plow ride: 

And Noah enjoyed a tractor ride, digging with backhoe and of course a plow ride! He was a busy little boy! 

Noah was one tired boy when we got home, just in time for lunch and then naptime!! M ran into town before coming home and managed to spray our weeds before Noah woke up! 

Then the boys had the fun task of putting the pool stairs in! Noah was soo excited to go swimming!!! The pool was a chilly 75, but they got the stairs in, so the pool is officially open!!! They swam around for a bit before we made him get out for dinner!!! 

Something tells me this summer is going to be lots of fun!!! We had chicken kabobs on the BBQ and then back outside we went! M transplanted a few of my plants from the front garden that were not doing so well! I know it's not the best fine to move plants, but the front garden is getting gutted and redone, so it was just best to move it now! 

Noah has his tractor right in there to help dig:

Emilya was lounging away and loving it!! She just loves it outside!! 

Our Manitoba Maple tree is coming down this week, it's massive, but not healthy and super messy, so we started to prep the yard for that!! 

Sunday morning Miss Emilya and I slept in until 9 AM!! It was pretty amazing, while the boys worked on unpacking the basement! Emilya and I went down after we all had breakfast!! I'm happy to say most of the boxes are gone!! It was muggy, but crummy out, so a perfect time to work inside!! 

Noah and I had the important task of making a birthday cake for my Dad! I'm not sure what his favorite part is... Stirring or "cleaning" the bowl after! 

This happy camper turned 2 months old!!! Soo crazy!! Be sure to check out the cute video of her on Instagram!!! 

During naptime, I dyed my hair, had a bath, followed by a shower to rinse out the hair dye, got ready to goto my sisters and decorated the cake. Little did I remember that I am out of green food coloring, so I had to mix colors and made a mint green...

I also realized that I don't have proper cake pans! Guess I will be buying some of those!!! 

The birthday boy holding our 2 month old! 

And Noah just loves his cousin Hannah - the crazy crackers!! 

Noah also had quite the phone conversation with my Dads dog Gypsy: 

I'm pretty sure it's the stillest I've ever seen her!!! 

We got home just in time for bath time and Noah was spun out on his last wind. He was soo tired!!! 

He slept in until 8 AM this morning!! 


Stacy said...

Lucky mama with the sleep ins from Emilya!
Sounds like a great weekend.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

9am sleep in - amazing!! I have a (dumb) internal alarm clock that wakes me u at 6am every day! Grr..
You will have so much fun in the pool this summer. I need to pick up a bigger one for Avery this year. We are finally getting a fence this week so we can be in the backyard - yay!
Have a great week :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Woah busy!!Noah is so cute driving the tractor!

How did you get so lucky with 2 good sleeping babies??

A bit envious of your pool right now as we enter into another +30 day!


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