Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

We have a busy week going down. 

Monday M had fire practice, so I decided it was going to be my first solo night of putting the kids to bed... It was a first attempt fail! Bath time went well, but story time was a scream fest from the little miss, which then led to trouble for the little mister and one mama losing her mind. I had to regroup, feed Emilya, left her in the mamaroo, so I could go upstairs, apologize to Noah - who wasn't even phased by how things went down... I read him a book, snuggled him and said goodnight. Then I came down finished nursing Emilya, and got her to sleep as well. Let's just say it wasn't long before I was in bed too! 

Last night we had the electrician come over to take our hydro line in the yard down and we had to cut the grass and clear the deck because today the tree is coming down in the back yard!! Noah couldn't wait to go "poop huntin'" with Daddy:

Bye-bye messy Manitoba Maple!! I will miss your shade, but not much else!! 


Today Noah is hanging out with Grandma, while I take Emilya for her hearing test in London. I'm soo not looking forward to this appointment! I'm not too concerned about her hearing for the most part, she seems to hear just fine, but I will be happy to rule anything out. She failed her first two tests in her left ear. The lady that booked the test for me left me irate, after assuming I don't put my child's needs first when I didn't take her first available appointment, (yes, she went there and actually said something)  which didn't even end up to be the first available because she gave me a sooner date. Let's just say it all went down hill from there! It's supposed to be a 2 hour appointment and she is supposed to sleep the whole time - haha.

Tomorrow night we have dinner at the farm and Friday is baseball. Saturday is tree clean up day. 

We have booked our winter vacay, well not the flights, but our condo! Miss Emilya's first winter vacation will be St. Marten, just like her brothers!! #MANEwintervacay This will likely be her first flight as well, whereas Noah went to Calgary for his first official flight. 

Speaking of Emilya, she is rolling! At only 2 months old, she will roll from her tummy to her back - over and over! She loves tummy time, so she gets annoyed when she gets on her back, but as soon as I put her back on her tummy, she rolls again! 

That's all I got for today!! Hope everyone has a great day! 

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