Friday, June 17, 2016

Week Day Rewind

So today is Friday? You mean I survived this week? I guess technically I need to get through today to actually survive right??

Our week started out great. Monday was a not-so-quiet day at home, but it was less commotion which is what my toddler needed after a busy weekend. We had our carpet installed on the stairs in the morning, which also led into the afternoon. I'm not sure why it took soo long, but it did. 

We had out TV service out to readjust my satellite dish as well. In the evening, M had a backhoe job to do, so he took Noah along, so the girls and I headed out for a nice walk! 

Tuesday was Emilya's shots. She did much better than I thought she would do, since she can be a bit dramatic. Noah napped at Grandma's leaving me a little girl time again with a no napping Emilya! But we did get some housework done while singing and dancing to Luke Bryan.

Which lets take a minute out of this recap and look into next Friday - I GO TO SEE LUKE BRYAN again!!! Soo excited! I'm not looking forward to leaving Emilya for that long, but M is taking the day off work so I can!! Soo excited!! 

Back to Tuesday, our afternoon get crummy quickly. Emilya's tummy was not happy and she screamed in pain for almost a full hour of me trying to calm her. I finally found a comfortable position for her and that is where she stayed!

Let's just say we made good use of our boba again when she started back up after waking up. While M put Noah to bed, I sat out on the front porch rocking her and she fell back asleep. She had no interest in nursing, just snuggles. But she slept good that night! 

Wednesday she was feeling much better, thank goodness, because Noah was having a rough day. Pretty sure he spent a lot of his day in time out! It's been a while since we have had a day like this, so I really can't complain. But I was in no mood for it and didn't have enough patience to deal with his antics. Pretty sure I lost my cool more times than I should have. But we did manage to have some fun at least, when he was behaving...

But yesterday my friends, yesterday I had a great day! Both kids were dream kids. No behavioural issues, the both slept great all night - 8.5 hours for Emilya, with a 2nd sleep until 9:45 and Noah slept in until 8 and then spoiled me with a 3 hour nap! 

We headed to the farm for dinner and this guy found himself on the tractor - all by himself!!!

Today I'm going to grab some groceries and then hopefully enjoy a nice warm day with the kiddos! Pretty sure a certain little boy will want to go swimming!! 

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, which is great because we are heading to the lake Saturday to celebrate Fathers Day with both my Dad and M's! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend too!! 

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