Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome Summer

Well it is official today is the first day and summer and she's gunna be a hot one around these parts!!!

Our weekend was great!! I failed at taking as many pics as I would have liked to, but memories were made despite the proof. 

Friday night, M had ball, so after supper the boys went for a chilly dip in the pool and then Noah and I showered, while M bathed Em before he left for ball. So we were all showered and then I started the bedtime routine. I ended up nursing Emilya for a bit, enough that she was content to chill in the mamaroo, while I took Noah up to bed, read him his books and tucked him into bed and then came back down, finished nursing Emilya and she was off to sleep as well. It actually went really well, especially in comparison to how bad it went last time. I can almost say I don't fret solo bedtime anymore, tonight we will try it again, as M has fire practice. 

After the kids were in bed, I made a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins for the morning, as we had an exciting day ahead! 

Emilya slept in until 6:30, when M got up with her and then she went right back down after her bottle. Noah and I slept in until 8:15 and I woke Emilya back up at 8:40 to feed her before packing her up to goto the lake! Noah was soo excited. We ended up leaving the house by 9:15 all packed, no tears- heck even the dog co-operated!! We met my Dad and C, who followed us down to the lake. 


The weather was perfect, the lake was as flat as a pancake. It was a perfect lake day! We headed out to the lighthouse for a fun day ahead! Emilya enjoyed her first boat ride and loved being outside for most of the day. She ended up getting a bit fussy because she was hot and tired, so after turning the A/C on in the boat, she fell fast asleep. 


Noah had a blast swimming with Gracie, throwing her ball and building sand castles on the beach with his Grandpa's! It was a perfect day!



We had supper back at the dock and then headed home by 8. I can't say our ride home was without tears though. Emilya was not a happy camper! We thought Noah would crash for sure since he only napped for an hour, but nope he stayed awake chatting away the whole ride home! But as soon as his head hit his pillow at home he was fast asleep! 


Sunday Emilya slept another long stretch, we were all up just after 7. We enjoyed quiet morning before digging into the work that has been awaiting us. Luckily M was more than happy with our Father's Day celebration on Saturday and was fine with getting stuff done on Sunday! So the boys went to the farm to get some mulch and worked away in the yard all day, swimming to cool off and our yard is looking much better now! We need a bit more mulch and I can say the gardens are done! 



I will say after Em was held all day on Saturday, she was super indenpendant on Sunday and loved just laying on her mat or the carpet. Which let me start organizing the mudroom. We swapped the fir uti around, moved the bassinet out of our bedroom and put the pack and play in there. We still have a changing station in the mudroom though after bringing in the dresser we used with Noah. So I worked away at that for most of the day. 


We enjoyed bbq'd chicken sitting out on the deck for dinner. It was a nice night. We hadn't brought up the chairs, so just brought the inside ones out until I cleaned the deck with the leaf blower after supper. Now we can bring up the cushions and chairs! 

After supper the boys took the backhoe back and then it was bath time and bedtime.

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