Wednesday, June 15, 2016

These Hidden Gems

Let's talk nursing covers today. Today I want to share an amazing Canadian small shop that I am currently loving!

Rachel is the owner of this lovely shop and not only are her nursing covers great, but she also splits 20% of the proceeds between 2 organizations near and dear to her heart! Just a little more incentive to buy from her shop, knowing you are also helping organizations in need! 

Rachel is a Mom herself and knows the needs of a busy mom. Having used a cover in the past that only covered the front of me, was no longer an option with a busy toddler.

I went with the winter floral, a pattern I was soo nervous to order, as I didn't know the gender of our baby at the time, but decided the cover was for me, and if I did indeed have a boy, then it's me wearing the cover, not him. Well lucky for me, we had a girl and it has given me even more use than I could imagine. 

This cover has come in handy for myself so many times. I typically leave it on the car seat as a cover, that way I always have it when out and about. But what I can tell you is that I have used it several times  as a nursing cover, it's been a swaddle blanket, it's been a car seat cover, a poncho for me - when someone spit up on my shirt - luckily I dress in layers and had a tank top on, so I just wore this on top and no one even knew. I can see myself using it in the future when dining at restaurants as a seat cover, covering the shopping cart handles, the swing at the park, etc. It is such a multi-use product that I couldn't be more grateful for.

This cover has made nursing in public soo much easier. Yes, I was able to walk around and nurse Emilya while trying to shop at IKEA after our basement flooded. Something I wouldn't have done with my son, but with this cover, it gave me the confidence I needed to be able to move freely without feeling exposed. Not to mention when you have a toddler running around, you need to be able to move freely.  

Nursing to me is a special bond between me and my babies, it's not a public affair for me. I have no problem with those who do nurse without covers, but I like the privacy of that bond. I like the protection that cover gives not only me, but my baby as well. 

I have received soo many compliments on the cover, and the pattern is just my favorite. Unfortunately the winter floral fabric is not available right now, but you bet she has some other amazing fabrics:

Thank you soo much Rachel, for helping simplify this crazy journey in motherhood!!

Be sure to check out These Hidden Gems on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for product updates, sales and give aways!! Like right now you can get free shipping: 
Happy shopping!! 

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