Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Bundle O' Bows Give Away

Let's talk all things girly today!! Having a baby girl is seriously soo much fun!! Maybe it is because I have always dreamt of having a girl, dressing up my dolls as a kid, and now I have my own baby girl!! Now if only she would stay doll sized for just a little bit longer??

I am soo happy that at this point, Emilya doesn't seem to mind a little hair accessories at this point and as soon as she was born, you bet I was hair bow shopping. The nice thing is, they don't grow out of them!! You can always repurpose them later!

I came across this Canadian shop, because let's face it, with the dollar these days, Canadian shopping is where it is at!! I ordered a few bows and they threw in a few extras!!

Ashley Walters is the shop owner, along with her husband Reid. They created A Bundle O' Bows mostly to give Ashley something to do on maternity leave and a creative outlet. They have a baby girl named Oaklyn Willow who just reached her 6 month mark! 

 This is another awesome shop that donates part of their proceeds to Operation Smile. Ashley's husband and his brother were both born with a cleft lip/ palette. Reid recently got into Dental Techology school with a goal of one day being able to profoundly impact Operation Smile by creating for these wonderful children!! As a family they hope to be able to volunteer in a big way one day.

They sent me the sweetest package of bows:

And it is pretty safe to say, that it is easy to incorporate these into our daily lives! Em doesn't quite have enough hair for the clips yet, but the headbands are a common occurence:


We really love the nylon headbands, they really do stretch!! The quality is great and they really are well-made!! 

Ashley and Reid were kind enough to send an extra headband for me to share, and I was going to do a give away with it, however, Ashley has offered to send a package to the winner instead!! 

 It is is open to Canadians and Americans only and you can enter the give away on my Instagram!!  <<< click there to go enter!! 

Best of luck everyone!! 

Thank you soo much Ashley and Reid for the bow package, we really do love them!! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Emilya is the perfect hair bow model!


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