Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday friends!! What a happy Monday? Well it's a Happy Birthday to me Monday - we will see what the day has in store for me. In the meantime we will rewind the weekend:

Friday night M burnt our burgers to a crisp! I thought Noah was just saying "FIRE" but the BBQ was legit on fire! Guess M will have to clean the BBQ! We ended up having grilled cheese for supper... M had baseball, so I was on solo bedtime duty. It didn't not go down well at all. At one point they were both screaming. Emilya isn't napping well at all with her new teeth coming in! She is definitely getting a bottom tooth (it's poked through already), but I am convinced that it won't be long before the one beside it comes up. This is soo crazy to me, becaus Noah didn't get teeth until 9 months!! 

I did end up getting both kids down and by 9 PM! So it was half a mommy win! I decided to rent a pay-per-view since Bell offered me a free one. I chose Mother's Day, since the cast was loaded with big actresses like Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, etc. It was alright, maybe I just expected better because of the fully loaded cast. I was glad I didn't pay $6 for it! But I will say the renting process was super easy! 

Saturday morning M and Noah went to the farm to get the pressure washer and the backhoe. They
had a small job to do in the morning. While they did that, Em and I worked upstairs for a bit. I took an inventory of Noah's wardrobe and I think I bought the wrong sizes for fall! Let's just say Noah has a whole bunch of 4T clothes... Like I won't buy another thing in that size and not so much in 3T... - the size that fits. Oops!! I will go through his drawers and get a better idea on the situation and see just what he needs. 

When the boys got back, Em was napping, so I went outside and quickly came up with a new plan for the front porch! We need to repaint the porch and the one side of the railing was actually rotting. So, I decided that I would like an opening to come off the side of the porch instead of walking around to the front. So M ripped off that part of the railing and will have to fix up the posts and build a new step going up to it! I think it will look great! I got started with power washing. I always wondered why
people cleaned thier driveways, etc. but this made a night and day difference! Our house was filthy! I've got a lot of painting coming up in the nearest future, after we give everything a light sanding. But our screen door (wooden), rocking chair, front porch, garage door trim, and front door all need some paint and we will reseal the front porch deck. 

The day literally flew by with M and I taking turns watching the kids as we tackled various jobs around the house, with power washing being mine, his was cutting the lawn, working on the pool, and working on the deck railing. I managed to get just over half of the house and porch power washed before we decided to make a run into Home Depot. Emilya screamed the whole time - over tired for sure, but we got everything we needed except sand paper! 

We grabbed Swiss Chalet for dinner and headed home to eat! This kid was spun!! So we played for a bit before bedtime! 

Pretty sure I went to bed early! 

Sunday morning we just had some good old fashioned family time! Playing, waffle breakfast and then we planned out the day, as we still had a list of things to accomplish! 



I finished power washing the house, with a few breaks to hang out with these two. 



Check out the difference... 


M and Noah went into town to pick up my birthday cake (ice cream cake - my request) and brought home lunch. After lunch the kids napped. While they napped I finished the power washing and got my work out in! I missed two days... Technically one if you count one of the missed days as a rest day! Sometimes life just gets to busy, although I am sure I made it up for it on the days I missed! 

M went swimming to try and find the hole in our liner and was successful!! Then he headed to ball!!

When the kids woke up we headed down to the ball park just as M was finishing his ball game! So we played at the park for a bit instead!! 


We came home, had a spaghetti supper and then went back outside to work on the new step for the front porch! Best little helper around: 



Next thing we knew, it was bedtime!! 

Today we are hanging around home and then heading to the farm for my birthday dinner and ice cream cake! 


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Murdock's mama said...


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Hope you had a great birthday! What a busy weekend! And pressure washing the house too?! I feel accomplished if I get laundry done in a day lol.


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