Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Things

Man oh man she is a hot one out there today, actually all week, but this morning the humidity is at an all time high.

So here are some random musings from the week so far!!

I'm tying to get caught up on this old blog of mine. I have so many drafts of posts waiting for pictures to be added! 

I signed up Noah for gymnastics for September!! This will be his first recreational activity and I am pretty sure he is going to love it!! I will say it crazy to me to have a child old enough to do this with!! I feel like makes him officially not a baby anymore, and although he definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore, in my head I guess he always will be. He is actually old enough to participate in these kind of things and I know this is just the start!! Mike and I are pretty excited as well! 

I went shopping for M's birthday, in search for a Jays jersey he wants, which doesn't exist, so I was going to get just a plain Jays jersey and get it customized. Well do you think you can find plain Jays jerseys right now? No!! So then I thought ok, I will get him a hat! They didn't have his size either! But I did manage to find myself one, so the trip wasn't completely wasted!!

I also stopped to grab a new fridge filter, you know the things you are supposed to replace every 6 months... And our fridge is 2.5 years old, and this is the first time I replaced it! Oops. The only reason I replaced it was because ever since M put cucumbers in vinegar in the fridge without a lid, everything has tasted like vinegar, including the ice and water and we couldn't get it to go away!! I hate cucumbers, so cucumber water - as refreshing as people say it is, it is gross!! Problem is solved!! 

And while enjoying an hour out, I also stopped at Carters to check out a sale! I LOVE that store, although I haven't figured out the new layout yet! I bought Noah lots of shorts for next year, and some tshirts for gymnastics and Em got some sleepers on clearance. 

Emilya's baptism is booked for the end of September as well! I am just crossing things off the list!! Heck, even my thank you cards and birth announcements are almost all out now too! I'm trying tally using the postal strike threat in my favor for the tardiness on this one! 

Emilya had her shots this week. Her check up went well, however when giving her the second needle, the needle broke where the needle tip attaches to the syringe. Emilya was NOT happy at all! But before leaving the office I got her to fall asleep and she slept for 2.5 hours! Oh and we made it all the way into town and to the doctors without any tears - first time ever!! She did spit up when we arrived, but it was manageable!! So overall she had a great trip in the car for the FIRST time! I'm not holding out hope on it continuing because that would just be disappointing when it fails! Emilya handled her shots very well though and wasn't super grumpy later in the day like last time! 

Yesterday was a rough day. Noah's 3rd molar is causing a super irritable toddler and he happened to lose his listening ears and was overtired! Tonight's goal is to put him to bed on time tonight!

 Last night we had M's birthday dinner, so he stayed up late playing! But we are off to a much better start today! Today is also the day we are going to start sleep training Emilya... I'm dreading it,  but it's something that has to be done, because I don't have the time to rock her to sleep these days and watch a toddler. So I am going to start laying her down.... I need to read into the plan more that is for sure. But I'm thinking rock for 5 minutes and then lay her down. Repeat after giving her the chance to work it out on her own for a bit first. Does that make sense? 

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This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


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