Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday's Five

And just like that, the first week of August is gone!

Oh and just like that, my baby is 4 months old!!! What??!! M and I can hardly believe it!!

We had a super fun week! 

Monday we were at the zoo, as I mentioned in the weekend recap.

Tuesday we did Storybook Gardens with all the cousins. It was a lot different than I remember as a young child, but very nostalgic. I bet my Grandma was watching down from heaven with a smile on her face watching us all with our kiddos, just like she used to take us! 

It was also my first bigger outing with the kids on my own, well without M, I was soo happy to have the help of my cousins. Noah was really good until it became time to leave and he had exhausted his patience waiting for everyone else. He was also asleep by the time I made it to the main road. I will let the pics do some talking!! 








After naptime, we decided to go visit Daddy at work since they were close to home! 



As you can see, she was quite interested!! 


My crew of hot messes... 



Wednesday we had a much needed quiet day at home!! 


With a short trip to the park:




I was also happy to find my new work out program arrived!! I will be starting Country Heat soon!! 


We ended up keeping the kids up late after we took them out to the flying club with a trailer full of our donations of furniture and stuff for their yard sale! We didn't come home empty handed though! We bought an outside garbage can, a window fan (brand new), a little people house, and some storage organization drawers that fit in my cubbys in my sewing area! 

Thursday morning we had a songs and dance program to attend at the library! Both kids had a blast!! This little lady made her way all the way to the dog bed while I was putting Noah down! She can inch her way around the whole room and she's quite proud!! 


We also did some swimming! 



This weekend we don't have much planned!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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