Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Truth Is:

The struggle is real! This season of life is crazy and chaotic, but it's a beautiful chaos and I wouldn't change a thing!

Our days are long, the mom guilt is strong, the house is a mess, the projects are all adding up and the to-do lists are never ending. The main goal at the end of the day is that everyone goes to bed happy, no matter how long the day was, how exhausted we all are, we survived and we did it together! 

Stop comparing to the moms who look like they have it all together, because chances are they do have it all together, but that's today, not everyday. You can't see behind the scenes. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but like I mentioned above, as long as by the end of the day everyone can goto bed happy, then you have done it in my eyes. Look at your strengths and be proud, and looks at your weaknesses and reassess. There will always be room for improvement! Ask for help when you need it. I struggle with this one myself, but when I do have the help, it makes the worlds difference! 

I can remember wishing for these days, the long days, the fun days, the crazy days, heck even the bad days!! They are here and I am embracing them the very best I can! That's not to say that some days I don't get overwhelmed, because heck, I am no super mom!! My patience level is exhausted on the constant, but I must say, even it is getting better, or I am just getting better at acknowledging when I need to step back or pick my battles. 

Toddlers are no joke! They are needy, emotional, loud, frustrating balls of love and energy. I'm pretty sure they are bipolar as well, because there is no way someone can actually go from being super happy to the angriest in less than a minute. But what I have learned is that being a toddler is hard work! They are literally figuring out how this world works! They are learning what is acceptable and what is not, what is considered good behaviour and bad and they are testing what they learn constantly! Throw in the variables of teething, tired, and sickness and they are like ticking time bombs!! Consistency is key! 


My days are constantly divided with who needs what first! Priorities become a constant equation. Both kids end up crying and I have to decide who needs me first! 

Babies don't keep! Especially second born babies! I used to think it with Noah, but with Emilya, the days are just flying by!! Luckily she gives one heck of a good snuggle hug, but otherwise she already planning her next move - literally!! Noah didn't move or crawl until like 8 months, but Emilya is already moving around the room with rolling or army crawling.

I will say that while dealing with Emilya's hearing issues and sitting in various waiting rooms with other children with issues, it just opened my eyes big time when I think about how lucky we really are. Even after getting blood work done on Emilya, I went home feeling soo defeated, babies shouldn't have to have blood work and in a perfect world, they shouldn't be able to get sick either. It was soo heartbreaking watching her get blood drawn and then walking back into a waiting room full of children with all sorts of visible and non-visible problems waiting for various procedures and blood work. 

Being a parent is hard!! I think there is even more pressure on today's society of parents as well, because with all this wrong in the world, you want tknow raise them right. You want to teach them about love, yet prepare them for how harsh the world has come! You want them to be kids, but yet cautious in such a crazy world. Soo much violence and hate and it is our job to see them through it, to choose to make them aware or pray they can't see the world for how it really is! When I was a kid the biggest problem was not taking candy from strangers, today our children deal with extreme bullying, bombs, shootings, and BAD people. That isn't to say these things didn't happen when I was younger, but they didn't happen like they do now. 


So that is the truth - parenting is no joke. In every single aspect, it will be the most rewarding job, but the most difficult job. The pressure is on to raise a child right, and albeit, maybe it's a pressure we put on ourselves, but with good reason! At the same time, give yourselves a pat on the pack for surviving each and every day, even the days where you coasted by on survival mode! 


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purpun said...

Yes, yes, yes! And even when we try to be that 100% put together mom & kids package, it's not long before baby spits up all over that favourite bib and outfit, toddler gets tomato sauce on her white dress, the whole playroom is trashed (heck - the whole house), and I realize I haven't showered today and look like something from the walking dead. Hahaha.
Totally with you on celebrating going to bed happy. It's the biggest triumph!


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