Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was jam packed with soo much family fun and spent making memories!!

Friday night I was supposed to have the babysitter come again, however it ended up storming out, so M's game was cancelled out! We were considering going out for drinks for M's birthday, but knowing how busy our weekend was going to be, we decided to stay home!! I might end up leaving Noah with the sitter yet right?? This is the 2nd time this has happened!! 

Noah had us laughing so hard - when it thundered out, he was quick to tell us in his take caution voice that "the dinosaurs are comin". Soo funny!! 

Saturday morning was a super early start in this house! Thanks to a thunderstorm rolling through at 5AM... M was with Emilya and I went up to Noah. He doesn't usually wake up to storms, but he is such a light sleeper in the mornings, we weren't surprised. So I laid in bed with him for a while until the storm passed, however M ended up needing to go up again and got him to fall back asleep. He thinks it is play time when I try to put him back to sleep, but apparently Daddy means business... I can at least put him go bed for naps and bedtime!! 

The crummy weather at home didn't hold us back from heading to the lake for the day! And you know what, we had perfect weather all day. Our car rides getting there were disasterous - thank you Emilya, but we had a great day out on the water. When we got back to the dock rain started and it thundered during dinner, but we had a fantastic day!

The fun didn't stop on Saturday though, we had a fun day planned for Sunday!! We decided to hit up  African Lion Safari!! Although it was pricey, it was soo much fun!!

We decided to drive through the safari in our truck instead of taking the bus, which was awesome!! The animals were all pretty active, as it wasn't too hot out! We got up close with the male lion, who came right up to the truck window! The giraffe walked right in front of the truck, which Noah was the most excited for!! He's had giraffes on the brain for weeks!! He thought the monkeys were pretty funny, didn't want them on our truck! The ostrich was pecking at the window and he didn't love that, but over all he really enjoyed the experience!! 



He saw a stuffed giraffe on our way into lunch and wanted it, but we managed to get by without it! We had a good lunch and then hit up the splash pad!! What an amazing splash pad!! It was huge and Noah was just tall enough to be able to do all the slides!! And that he did, over and over "again Mommy?" He had a few mishaps ending up head first, and right after I ended up catching him, a big bucket of water dumped on us, soaking my dress... I did have my swimsuit on under, but man was I wet!! So M was on Emilya duty and I was on Noah duty! Luckily the water was warm! We played there for over an hour until Noah was starting to get physically tired - not that he would admit it! He didn't want to leave, however a certain Daddy promised him a giraffe if he did!! So we went to pick out a giraffe and Emilya got a sloth!! I was hoping to get her the flamingo, but she cried when I showed it to her! I showed her the sloth and she had instant smiles and giggles!! 









M and I were soo proud of Noah for how good he was! He listened like a champ, heck he even held our hands and walked instead of ran. He was a perfect 2 year old!! 


You bet he fell asleep on the way home with Henry... Yes, that is the giraffes name!! And he is no small giraffe.


We managed to convince him to continue his nap when we got home and he slept for 2 hours! We had to wake him for dinner, since we had to eat a bit earlier because M had a ball game! 

He was pretty good at the ball game too!!  However we knew it was bath and bedtime by the time we got home!! Both kids went to bed really well!! 

Today we are having a quiet day at home! And tonight this Mama is getting a much needed hair cut and highlights! 

We have a busy week ahead of us!! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The safari park looks awesome! We have been to a couple, but both were in Arizona. And those waterslides are great too! I still have not made it to the splash park here, it is so busy so alone with the girls I might go crazy!

Lindsay said...

That place looks so cool! We might have to add it to our to-do list next summer!!


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