Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Likely the most boring weekend rewind in a while - just sayin!!

Friday night Noah was off to the lake for his first weekend sleep over!! M and I ordered take out from the restaurant and hung out in a quiet house before he headed to ball and I headed to hang out with the ladies with Emilya! She stayed awake the whole evening and flight sleep like a champ fort he whole girls night, but she was at least happy while doing it! 

Saturday morning we all woke up at 7:30, I got some laundry started and we picked up the house a bit. We face timed with Noah to see how his first night away on the boat was, and it went well, aside from waking up early! 

We packed up for the ball game and headed out!! I will say Emilya travelled not to badly this weekend!! Fingers crossed she's growing out of it or getting better at entertaining herself! Once we got to ball park, I put her sleep and enjoyed watching the whole game, interruption free without worrying where Noah was! They won that game, but had a huge gap inbetween games, so we welcomed the team back to our house inbetween games. 

The kids swam, we ordered pizza and relaxed for a few hours. M and and I at least enjoyed getting the photo updates of Noah's weekend away - my one request haha. 

The guys won their next game and then didn't play again until Sunday at 12:45! I had a pounding headache, thanks to his head cold M shared with me, so we picked up supper and came home! I enjoyed a soak in the hot tub, which helped my headache and then we had a quiet night! Pretty sure I was in bed by 10 PM! 

Sunday morning we were all up by 7:30 again! M and I decided that a full weekend away from Noah is just too long, plus then M doesn't get any time with Noah! We will stick with overnights instead! 


I finished making the zucchini loaves - the zucchini our neighbour gave me made 8 loaves in total!! We are going through freeze them! We hung a few pictures in Em's nursery, cleaned Noah's room and I had a quick shower before we headed back to ball! 


The ended up with only 9 players and got mercied! 

So we headed home with a tired Emilya and while she napped at home with M, I ran into town and grabbed groceries! I also bought a dual DVD player for the car to see if it will help distract Emilya by giving her something to focus on! 


Noah didn't get home until 6 PM! M and I were pretty antsy to see him and we did get the biggest hugs when he got home. We had dinner with M's parents, and played for a bit before they went home and we got everyone ready for bed! 

This little lady was especially happy to see Noah, although she learned how to make up for the noise she was missing and was constantly chatting all weekend!! 


We all sure missed this squish this weekend! But he did have fun at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa!! 


So there you have it, a rather quiet uneventful weekend it was, and as much as it was a nice break, just too long!! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!! We are having a quiet day today!! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

It's crazy how you miss them when they are away! Looks like he had a fun time though! I was really missing the kids when I went away last weekend.


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