Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Flare

This week was crazy busy, but it was good, aside from a certain toddler waking up early all week! But we have lots to report this week!! Let's get started!

1) We successfully left Noah with a sitter last night and by sitter I mean someone other than family!!! The babysitter we have chosen was busy last night, so we asked one of our employees that Noah loves to watch Noah and it went well!! We had a funeral visitation to go to. Noah was good and didn't seem to mind that we left him!! Maybe this will break the babysitter curse!! 

2) last night we had both kids in bed by 8:30!! Parenting win!! However this mama went to bed early too thanks the M sharing his cold!! Mamas can't get sick! Can I get a sick day please??

3) we had Emilya's appointment with the specialist. We didn't really get more information unfortunately, however it did help us to decide to move forward with getting her hearing aid! We also ruled out that her carsickness is not an inner ear problem, which is good! The doctor did order new tests to rule out further problems that run in pairs with hearing problems as a precaution and ordered some genetic testing to try to figure out what has caused the hearing loss. Emilya will also need an
ECG to rule out heart problems, she will see an eye doctor and have a urine test to rule out kidney issues. We did the blood work while at the hospital, since they have a paediatric department for that. Seeing her get blood taken was no fun at all. Babies just shouldn't have to have tests done this young. But we all survived. 

4) don't forget to enter the give away I'm running on Instagram!! 

5) we had a birthday party to attend yesterday and Noah had soo much fun!! 

6) Noah is going to the boat for the weekend without us!! Grandma and Grandpa requested a sleep over and it turned out to be a good weekend for it since M had a ball tournament but the truth is, this will be the first time I won't see him EVERYDAY and that is going to be hard!! But we also know it will be good for him and us. I know I am going to miss him like crazy!! I will be requesting photo updates though, because as well all know I document Every.Single.Day of our kids life. 

7) Monday night I had my hair appointment and I cut off 4 inches and I am back to blonde! My hair feels soo much better!! 

8) Tuesday night I hosted a girls night! Ten of us went to see Bad Moms and took up almost an entire row at the movies! The movie was great!! We all loved it!! After the movie we all came back to my place and had some appies and fun discussions on the patio and a few more ladies joined us too!! Soo much fun! 

There we have it, the week summed up and the upcoming weekend plans. 

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Murdock's mama said...

I'll be praying for Emilya. So stressful waiting for everything, I'm sure.

Wasn't Bad Moms good? More relateable than I thought it was going to be.


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