Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Rewind

This past weekend was a little more low key, which was just what we needed!

Friday night M's game ended up cancelled, so it was nice to have him home to help get the kids in bed! We started moving Emilya's bedtime up by an hour or so. 

Friday morning I tackle the job of organizing Emilya's clothes and I have decided that now I have to redo it and change my system. I was originally just sitting by size and putting them in a bin as they fit, but then when I buy or get hand me downs in bigger sizes, I have to go through those bins again, so now every size will have its own bin or box. Maybe that will be this weeks goal! 

Saturday morning I hit up the street sales in town and then did a little grocery shopping and baby girl made out like a bandit! Look at her haul:


Noah was having a rough day and testing us to all sorts of limits! We just did yard work and house work mainly, let him have a bounce before bed to wear out any energy left over.




Saturday night I went for my first run post baby and it was slow, but a start! I ran about half way! But I do like my new runners!! 

Sunday we discovered his top molar is bugging him, as he was still super irritable. So after giving him some medicine, he was much more tolerable! 


Sunday afternoon M had 2 ball games this make up and imagine this - they won!! I took the kids down after thier nap and time just crawled by. They were both good, but by the end of the game Noah was getting hungry and hungry kids don't make the best kids. Well no wonder he was hungry.. It was 6:30!! Grilled cheese for supper it was! After supper we had some quiet play time and then it was time to get the kids in bed! 



Luckily this week is a little slower for us, although Emma has her shots tomorrow, so it likely won't be a peaceful week if it's anything like last time! 

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Kelly said...

Ooh, I love that flamingo... Is it PJs? Flamingos are my summer obsession this year. My daughter calls them "mingos" <-- Makes me smile every time. :-)


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