Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Calling 911

Let's put this out there, I've only called 911 a few times in my life. Like 3 times to be exact and I can recall each time! 

The first time was when I was kid playing at my Grandma's. My sister and I were playing cops and robbers with an old phone in my Grandmas basement and well, we ended up calling 911 by accident. They called back, since we hung up quickly and made sure all was well and then we had a serious sit down with my Grandma about when to call 911. 

The next time was about 5 years ago, when a young girl was literally stuck in the baby swing and it was cutting off circulation to her legs. The lesson I learned that time was to disconnect Bluetooth from your car, so you can actually hold the call instead of your car device taking over! The girl was fine, the fire department came, cut her down and then out. 

And then there was a few weeks ago when I called 911 again and although everything ended up okay, it still freaks me out to this day! 

Around midnight on a Friday night I heard this loud banging at the front door and it sounded like someone trying to come in. I was in bed by myself, so I got up to ask Mike what he was doing. Mike was in the shower wondered what I was doing. I looked out the windows and didn't see anything, but it definitely sounded like someone was trying to break in and M agreed. So I checked all the other doors and on my way back to bed I got a glimpse of someone on the front porch. You can imagine the goosebumps grew quickly. I snuck back into the bathroom and told Mike. Mike wanted me to get the phone incase we needed to call 911. We checked back and sure enough this person was lying on our couch on the front porch and it wasn't anyone we recognized. So we called 911. We didn't know what was going on, all we knew was that someone tried to get in our house and someone was passed out on porch. It wasn't something that either one of us was willing to investigate on our own. 

It seemed like it took forever for the police to show up and I wasn't a fan of dispatch calling to update us on the timing since the kids were sleeping. But all was well, 3 police cars finally showed up with thier spotlight on our house. 

We stayed inside until they apprehended the man, who was very intoxicated. It turned out to be a guy from the city, and he had no clue what he had done or where he was. 

They charged him with public intoxication and took him away. 

So now needless to say, looking outside at night creeps me out and I get up every morning at 3 to pump. With all the wrong going on in the world right now, you just never know with people. 

Life is never boring around these parts, but I am happy it wasn't anything serious! 


Stacy said...

Eek scary stuff - I am watching Pretty Little Liars and if this had happened to me, I may have freaked out a lot more than you. You seemed calm.

Hilary said...

Yikes! I'm glad all is ok! That's so scary! I would have flipped out! I get nervous taking the dog outside at night for like the 30 seconds she's out there.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh man, I would have been terrified!!!!


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