Thursday, September 9, 2010


Has anyone really wondered what it would be like to be a cat? I mean maybe I am the only one, but I doubt it! I have had 3 cats in my life time and I grew up with cats at my Grandma's.

We all think that we choose cats, but really when it comes down to the truth... cats choose us. Lucky for them, they choose who they like and don't like and it is just accepted. Actually, you can't really make a cat do anything! They have this attitude about them.

I look at Jazz, who is my baby... she does not really like anyone else, I think she just tolerates other peoples presence. She is lovey-dovey with me, but she hates Mike, Mike or the dogs ( and she does not mind the dogs) can just walk in the room and she will growl at them. I personally think it is funny. If you even so much as look at her the wrong way, she will growl. But with me, she just purrs and cuddles in. I come home and she greets me. She is not the most playful cat in the world and never was... I think that is why I picked her , but wait, I didn't pick her, (don't ever tell her that) Mike picked her. If I had my way I would have picked the long-haired grey and white one. But Mike didn't fall in love with her, he did with Jazz.. but I say it was just lust, because they clearly can't possibly LOVE each other or maybe it is a secret affair, if I am not around then she will warm up to him.

Jazz with the only girl in her litter and her brothers were all striped brown and black tabbies. Jazzy is solid grey... with a white blotch on her belly. She is beautiful! A little over-weight in a healthy fashion, but beautiful. She would not play in her cage with her brothers or the toys, she actually just sat there and Mike felt bad for her, so he wanted to hold her and she bit him. She bit his ear to be exact. That is why Mike chose her and I still haunt him with his comment "We will get this one because she has SPUNK". Well that spunk stuck around.

I think I love Jazz sooo much, because it is like she chose me and she still chooses me. Even when she is in trouble for something... she still only listens to me, I have to be the one to give her crap... because she chooses to listen to me.

Jazz is one of those cats who will go up to anyone and say Hi, but it is on her terms, if she chooses to continue to get love. She will rub up to the dogs and they won't move because she is unpredictable. It is kinda funny... she may or may not have a bit of a personality disorder.

With Copper... he didn't choose us. We were just the next best thing, we were his heroes, but whether or not he cared is unknown. We chose him, brought him home, brought him back to health.. paid for vet visit after vet visit, spent hours trying to get him to choose us or even just to choose to live. We NEVER understood that cat, never really knew him really, but he knew us and he tolerated us. I remember the first time he purred after we had him for like 6 months, it was like an old engine trying to start. I think that he was trying to be cautious about choosing us, because no one had ever chose him, but they got rid of him and that would hurt.

Binx is just Binx, she is wild and crazy, but we chose her and I think she has chose us... hard to say she is still young...

Could you imagine, if we, as humans, could just drop each other off on the side of the road? If we could just pretend not to have feelings, or even if we could not freely express our feelings? What if no one out there cared? What if no one chose us? Just simply imagine being out in this crazy place we call our world alone... I wouldn't make it without the people and animals around me. They are what makes me ME! They encourage me to be ME and you to be YOU... who would you be today if your parents just abandoned you and you had no one... you may have picked up some friends along the way... but I am sure you would have encountered some problems too...

I guess what I am saying is that being a cat is full of choices and choices that you and I would sometimes never get the opportunity to make because of how we were raised... cats raise themselves. Put yourself in a cats paws...

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