Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

So I do not have tooo much to blog about today, so I figure I will recap my weekend! As I previously mentioned (I think), I had baseball starting Wednesday night and Thursday night for catch up rain date games at the end of the season and our end of the season ball tournament on the weekend! So that included Friday night and Saturday. Of course we lost, but we did play great games all week!

Mike and I ran into town for a few things... which may or may not have included a brand new washing machine and dryer! Which will arrive in approximately 2 weeks! I am sooo pumped about this! My washer and dryer are only 6 years old and they are great, but the washer is a top-loader and that means it has a center agitator and that is exactly what I don't want! So, they will be up forsale soon!

We had stopped for some gas and slushies and pulled in the driveway, opened our doors and sat there for a minute enjoying our slushies and "Beep Beep Beep Beep", (yes I did just imitate) Mike's pager goes off. So we shut our doors and down to the firehall we went. Dropped him off, waited for all the guys to arrive and leave in the fire trucks before heading back home by myself. I never have any clue how long Mikes calls are going to be, so I had to try to decide if I should make dinner or wait and fend for myself. With it being a structure fire, I knew it would be a longer call, but also figured that they were the secondary department, so who knows... I eventually decided to fend for myself and put the meat I had planned for dinner in the fridge for tomorrow night. We were supposed to go to our ball banquet that night, however that slowly slid out the plans, as hubby still was not home by 9:00 PM. 10:00 turned into 11:00 and I was just not up for staying up for him to get home after that, so I figured I would crawl into bed, with the TV on and the cats at my side, dogs on the floor at the foot of the bed and see if I could fall asleep without him. I find it hard to sleep when Mike is not with me, crazy I know, and I don't know why it is, could be for many reasons including that he is fighting a fire and that always includes some risk, or with him just being around, I feel protected and safe ( I will call it the little kid in me).

Well, either way, little did I know that there was no way I was going to settle in for a quiet nights sleep, thanks to a party that was happening in the village. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party and I was once young too (not that I am that OLD!), but I can honestly say that I never and mean NEVER disrespected other peoples property! There were TONS and I mean TONS, in groups of 20, 30, 40 or more of teenagers walking (though with that amount, they sounded as if they were marching) down the street. Now.. you would think that you would use the side-walk, that is how I knew that they were not locals, because, number 1 - the village I live in does not have THAT many teenagers in it and number 2 - we just got sidewalks in the village and we all use them! Party or not! These kids were walking down the middle of the road, which led to cars almost hitting them and honking at them. That just added to the noise that was about to happen, the later the time, the rowdier (sp?) they got! The shouting, the swearing, and then began the smashing of bottles and beer cases thrown. The dogs are at the door, upset by what was happening and the cats were in the windows with their hind hairs raised and I am crawling out of bed at this point and heading to the front porch. My bedroom is at the front of the house, so I knew there was no way I was going to sleep through this! I stepped on the front porch to find a group of girls on my front lawn, in front of my bedroom window. I asked them first and for-most if they were ok, and after finding out that they were, I suggested rather strongly for them to get off my property! Why didn't I call the police? Well, our village is under a new contract we'll call it, with OPP and no longer the city police. I did not want to call 911 for a noise complaint/ask them to do a drive by in the neighbourhood and the only number in the phone book for OPP is a 1-800 number. I have since learned to call the 1-800 number! I crawl back into bed, try calm all the critters that the noise will soon pass and lay in bed wide awake! 12:30 comes and hubby is finally home and exhausted! Which I knew he would be, since we had been playing ball all week and just had a really busy week and when he woke up on Saturday, he was still tired! So he hopped in the shower and then snuggled into bed next to me. Not even 3 minutes had passed and his pager was going off again! Up and gone he goes! This is now about 12:45 AM. He was back around 1:15 ish, crawls back in to bed and the pager is going off AGAIN, for can you guess what? The damn teenagers! Someone called in that there were large crowds of teens puking all over the place! Hubby was home after 1:30 for good and our whole household slept the rest of the morning away, even with a bit of a sleep in!

I will not get started on my opinion of the party and party goers.... as I am sure you can only imagine my thoughts already!

Sunday we had a lay low perfect family day! We made fresh bread for the FIRST time! Which was delicious at dinner time! We had a traditional Sunday night dinner and it was great. We ended the night with a walk in the village and a visit with Matt and Jenn!

High hopes for a nice relaxing week ahead, and more of my TV shows start this week too!!

Oh and a big congrats go to M & M!!! I missed a beautiful wedding on Saturday, but congrats guys!! Wishing you all the best!!

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Meg said...

Thanks, Ashley!!! You were missed!


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