Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

Sooooo....  couple things have crossed my mind today and this week and I THOUGHT... why not a Thoughts for Thursday post!

1) I HATE construction! And I especially hate it when it is rainy and on a highway! Enough said...

2) I love the fact that next Thursday I should be getting my NEW washer and dryer!

3) I definately was not a big fan of stopping a break and enter this morning at 5:30 AM by a CAT! Yes, that is right, "Jazzy had a boyfriend". Well I don't know that it is a male cat, all I know is that it was trying to break into my bedroom window and Jazz was not trying to prevent it, which was weird! Then when I crawled back into bed, I listened to Mike's alarm clock go off not once, not only twice,  but three times!

And that brings me to a topic that I have never discussed before on here! ALARM CLOCKS! I HATE them! They make my day miserable! They should really come up with a new way of waking people up, instead of using some monotone blaring device! If the alarm clock is set, I wake up before it goes off automatically, I think my body just knows that if I hear it, I am miserable for the day! Mike uses an alarm clock, NOT me! He will wake me up, I will use my cell phone, anything BUT the alarm clock! I do like the clock portion tho!

4) Congrats go out to Lucy over at Lucy's Life! She had a baby girl yesterday!! Lucy's blog link can be found on the right side!

5) I love that today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is here!!

6) I LOVE that fall has a arrived!! I actually love any season that is not WINTER! But fall is sooo pretty!

7) I may or may not be procrastinating, by writing this blog entry instead of folding mounds and more mounds of laundry that are calling my name downstairs!

8) I may or may not be allowing my dirty laundry to stockpile downstairs because I want to wait and wash it in my new machine! Haha Can we say pathetic?? I did a load today and hubby did a load of his work clothes last night and I have to use up my fabric softner because it is not High Efficient, which you HAVE to use in the new washer and because they are front loaders! So I should probably stop slacking!

9) I kinda miss playing baseball! I miss the people and the fact that we actually had a so-called routine and last night was our first night without it since like May! It was weird having soo much freetime!

10) I know most of you have been waiting for me to announce this,  no I am not pregnant, but it is THURSDAY!!! And this Thursday is the premiere of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!! The two shows that actually complete a Thursday!! Sooo... my life may or may not revolve around a TV show or two or three... but hey, c'est la vie!! (Yeh, that is right FRENCH!! I still got it... haha)

Happy Thursday!!!

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