Friday, September 10, 2010

This Old House

So.... I have been neglectful in posting pictures, so I am gunna begin to go a little photo crazy... I will introduce our FIRST House!!

Mike and I bought our first house when I was 20 and Mike was 21! Crazy eh? Hard to believe having a mortgage that young, but we did and we survived and it was great! We started off small and I mean SMALL, quaint, miny, midget, little, modest... get the idea? Well if not, I will help you PICTURE it.

I will note that we lived in our first house for 4 years, we had 2 dogs there for the most part, but sometimes 4 and we had 2 cats, plus hubby that is 6'4'' and myself 5'11''.
Street View
Side View
Back Deck
Pond/Waterfall that hubby made for me... totally miss it!
Mudroom/Laundry Room
Mike's Games Room... or 2nd bedroom (that never had a bed)
Looking into the kitchen from the mudroom... Please note that the kitchen pictures were taken after I had moved out, not my decor, just my paint!


Other side of kitchen
Living Room
Other side of Living Room... note the hardwood floors... LOVED them!
Part of Master bedroom
Other part of Master Bedroom... wall hand painted... by ME
Had to add this one too, so you could see the above closet storage!!
Bathroom, naked... after we moved out, so minus my decor, just my paint... looks soo bland now!
Bathroom vanity... minus mirror and decor!

 And well that is it folks! Yes, the tour only took 5 minutes... if that! But it was a good first house! I loved the hardwood floors in the Living Room, that we I refinished and yes there were a few light shows going on when I zapped the cord with the disk sander... Mike's mom actually verathaned them and they turned out PERFECT! They had 6 coats of paint, with the top couple being chocolate brown... they were even red at one point! We wanted to do the bedroom too, but they were not in good shape when we pulled up the carpet! However the carpet HAD to go... she had 6 cats... and I am sure that more than one of them had used it as a litter box... enough said... the carpet was gone and we put down laminate. We also put laminate in Mike's room and eventually the kitchen. We had to paint EVERY room, except for the master, but it was bland and taupe, so I hand painted my accent wall! We took 2 to 3 weeks to paint and redo the floors before we moved in. We then poked away at landscaping projects and decks! It was a great first home! A lot of memories were made there, but I don't miss it, as we outgrew it 1 year earlier then planned. It was supposed to be a 5 year house and we made it to 4 years!

I think I have posted enough pictures today, so I will leave the new house update for a little while, and that way I have time to photograph the rooms now that they are all done and maybe I will have time to paint the master!


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