Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Am Loving Wednesdays!

So after reading Newlywed Tales blog entry today, I thought I would also link up to Little Daisy May and share what I am loving as well!

I am totally in love with the fact that it is NOT raining here today!! It is actually quite nice out!

I will also have to agree with both ladies on the fact that I am IN LOVE with FALL!! It is sooo beautiful! Hubby and I are due to have some family pics taken (by myself.. sounds more complicated then it is), as we always do fall pics!

I was travelling with work today and took the back roads today, just so I could look at the trees! I LOVE the colors and the smell (not the farmers spreading ____), I love fall decorations.

I think fall is soo special to me because it is the season that I met hubby in! In fact our FIRST date was Halloween night!

I was listening to my ipod on the way home from work yesterday and came across this song:
and I am totally LOVING it! Incase you don't feel like clicking the link to listen to it... it is Come Home by One Republic! I have been a big fan of One Republic and this song is far from new, but it just clicked with me when I heard it last night! 

I also LOVE the fact that I am off tomorrow and I think it is supposed to be nice! I might make some applesauce!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks to Newlywed Tales and Little Daisy May!!

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littledaisymay said...

Thanks for playing along! Have a wonderful day off tomorrow :)


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