Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Um... Michael Bolten!?!? Excuse me?

OK... I may regret announcing this... but what the hell happened to Michael Bolten? My mom has been an ALL-TIME favorite fan for as long as I can remember and we have ALWAYS made fun of her for having a crush on this guy... his music isn't horrible!  My mom will be soo proud of me for admitting this and I just might be a tad bit ashamed! haha

What I am about to show you... may suprise you in a good way... sorta... here it goes:

Photo Credit: Andrew Macpherson from website:

Why does he look kinda good looking? I won't say HOT.... I am not at that point.. and as I said I may regret even saying he looks good! Amazing what cutting your hair does eh? He is not really my "type", but I would say he has come a long way! I am kinda looking forward to seeing him on Dancing With The Stars! Is anyone else out there going to watch it too? What are thinking of Michael Bolten?
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