Friday, September 3, 2010

Soooooo Sick :(

I have really been lucky this year! I will start this post out on the positive side! My allergies have been pretty calm this spring/summer. However... I have hit the road block! Or should I say nose block!

I guess I have never really went into my allergies before... but I am allergic to EVERYTHING outside, along with dust and mold.

The dust and mold was encountered while moving my mom out of her house, and that is what started all of this so it seems! I don't think I have slept in over 2 weeks properly! Oh how I miss sleep! I am like a walking zombi, that cannot breathe! The humidity is supposed to break this weekend, so here is to hoping things clear up for me! We had plans to head down to the lake for the weekend, but if I don't feel any better, then it will be a no-go! Here is hoping that I get better!

On a side note... next summer is going to be a BIG wedding season!! Matt & Jenn will be at the end of July and Mike is in the wedding party and Nicole and Mike will be August 13/11 and I am in the wedding party, and my cousin just got engaged and they are thinking a July wedding as well! Geez! Looks like next summer will be a write off too!

1 more month and we are moving Mom into her appartment and we might get possession of our hobby shop back!

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned before, but Lily was diagnosed with hypothyroid :( Lucky for us, it is the best disease for a dog to get, because it is affordable and easy to treat... the downside being if is something she will have forever :(. We have started her on Thyro and she is doing great now! She has sooo much more energy and her hair is starting to shine again! She had gained 10 pounds in a year, which Lily is a big dog to begin with and she should on average be about 85 pounds to 90 pounds... she weighed in at 104 pounds! Crazy! But that should all disappear within 6 months or so if we keep her going on our active lifestyle!

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